FACT: The most valuable and trusted traffic is SEO (search engine optimization) traffic.

When applying SEO with a best practices approach in mind, you’ll not only serve search engines, but your visitors. Having a high ranking in search engines will gain the most clicks to your page and website.

With over 6 billion searches per day, Google drives a lot of visitors and traffic to web properties around the globe. SEO is another channel of web marketing and will help you to get visible for your brand in search engines.

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Here are some benefits you can expect:

Get a positive brand exposure

When you are listed and shown in search engines with a New Orleans SEO campaign, and especially Google – in the top 3 listings (out of 10), you will instantly be recognized as a “trusted company or business”. When people are looking for your brand and related keywords, you’ll be easily accessed via a click or phone call.

Improve your website to beat out competitors

Your competition will wonder what happened when you apply New Orleans SEO Expert formulas for getting your business listed and promoted. There are many ways to do this, but if you build solid content that serves your users and drive links to specific pages that you want to share with your audience, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

Get ROI on SEO marketing campaigns over time

All web traffic is not measured the same. Traffic will show in your web analytics, but the most important is the visitors that convert to sales. The idea that you get a Return-On-Investment from your SEO methods and tactics, will be very important. While paid search (Google, Facebook) has an immediate impact and can be tested for ROI, SEO should be used at the same time to get the biggest benefit from our online marketing.

Acquire customers from a better conversion standpoint

As visitors enter your website and a relevant message, the SEO campaigns tend to generate the highest conversion rate. The reason is that SEO when done right, is very focused around keywords, and pages that match this user intent will by default convert better. You must ensure a close match of the traffic to message to call-to-action.  You can reach your goals without spending too much money by leveraging a combination of paid and organic search.

Build a well established, trusted brand

When you choose the New Orleans SEO company, you’ll likely get results that will last over a long time. The result is not only more traffic, but you’ll receive benefits from a trusted brand in your users’ eyes.


If you leverage SEO campaigns that focus on Traffic, Message and Conversions, you’ll get the best results. This trifecta model ensures total success. I invite you to check SEO services from other companies in New Orleans, and see if they offer a strategy and a culture that matches yours. There are a lot of SEO companies in New Orleans, so go through your due diligence, and remember to ask for reviews, testimonials and feedback.

Understand who all the SEO experts and how they approach search engine optimization before you begin. And, be clear on your goals.

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