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“As Director of Paid Search Advertising at Yahoo! Search Marketing, I engaged Jon and his team to design and integrate search content marketing and optimization solutions into our product offering. Jon has extensive expertise in all aspects of search marketing including SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media and Internet marketing strategy. I highly recommend him and his team.”
Tim Phillips, Advertiser Systems Director, Yahoo

“We have used and applied strategies and tactics for Search Engine Optimization that Jon & team recommended with great success. We recommend other clients to them and continue to build and nurture the relationship because of their experience, and their insights into the complex field of Search. I cannot recommend them/him enough.”
Thad Gerber, CEO, Velocity Networks 

“I had the pleasure of being a co-presenter with Mr. Rognerud at a Business Conference in Los Angeles. His session about search engine marketing was hands-down one of the most informative sessions of the day. Jon is not only a search engine marketing expert, but he is a gifted speaker. His ability to educate, entertain and inform attendees about new trends makes him a winning combination for any conference he serves. I have known and worked with him for more than a year now, and recommend him whole-heartedly.”
Lorrie Thomas, Trainer, Author, “36-Hour Course Online Marketing” (McGraw-Hill)

“Jon is one of the most knowledgeable SEOs in the Internet Marketing industry. His warmth, generosity, and humbleness are a breath of fresh air in an business characterized by a vast, dark, cold-hearted underbelly. Jon has been extremely generous in providing me valuable advice that helped me move beyond roadblocks in my consulting business.”
Lorna Li, Senior Social Media SEO Manager, Salesforce.com

“Jon’s exceptional expertise and industry knowledge are only shadowed by his passion enthusiasm and fi ery personality. He is truly committed to really makinga change and building amazing campaigns and strategies that exceed clients expectations. I look forward to working with Jon and utilizing his exceptional skill for years to come. His personality is warm and friendly, with plenty of “No BS” methodology which is extremely valuable to any individual of business. He will shoot straight with you and will tell you want you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Great person and industry guru in the truest sense.”
Fabiano Moura, CEO, Zero Point Business LLC

“I worked with Jon and team on key SEM (search engine marketing) projects. Since there is so much complexity on this topic, it was great to find someone who could help us understand what strategies and tactics to use, including what NOT to do.  Jon & team demonstrated a deep understanding of the search engine marketing space and have been doing it successfully for many years. They are very committed to staying on top of the latest trends in the industry and their customer’s market. I have enjoyed working with, and learning from their expert team – and would recommend you get in contact with Jon.”
Mike Andrews, Managing Director, Novastor Global

It is important to listen to an SEO expert with hands on experience. What better way to get hands on experience with SEO than to actually have worked full time for a search engine firm, Yahoo. Working as an insider at a search engine firm like Yahoo alone can make someone an expert in SEO.
Paul Rothbein, Business Marketer

“Jon is an instrumental piece to my business’s SEM strategies as well as to all of my larger clients. Jon’s very personable and is an expert in SEO.
I highly recommend Jon for any high end SEM related services.”
AM Khan, Google Adwords Expert

“Jon made a very significant contribution to the success of companies we worked with. He is a great person to work with and always gets the job done. He is technically very sharp and has excellent communication skills. He is someone I could count on. I highly recommend him.”
Steve Kowalski, CTO, TaxCreditCo