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Today, with the advent of Mobile Globalization (over 5 billion users world-wide) and 51 million with smart phones – and growing quickly, you should consider NEW opportunities for your business expansion.

Funny, but true: when you leave your house to go out – what do you bring with you? Answer: Keys, mobile phone (and iPad) (and dog to day-care, kids to school).

Mobile commerce is a hot topic.

A mobile strategy is an important aspect to online marketing. In fact, the multi-channel marketing approach, including off-line, is a reasonable strategy in our day. Don’t forget mobile.

Create a positive experience.

Engage the consumers and create valuable information and simple designs. Q: have you made a portion of your website mobile friendly? For example, Google is And, make sure you have your market research done, to match user expectation, so the mobile experience is a great one. (true for anything you do online (and off)).

Mobile commerce is still in its infancy and the value of a mobile presence is still being measured. While the number of mobile consumers is “small” it’s growing fast. Don’t get caught in the “I should’ve-a”

27% of all consumers used their mobiles to browse and research products at least four times over a 12 month period. For the 18-34 age group, this figure is 41%“. (ATG Commerce)

Mobile Website Could Be a Break-Through For You… Or…?

A mobile website is a simpler design that could attract more potential buyers.

Consider these options before taking a final decision:

Mobile Commerce Pros and Cons

What Should You Do Next?

Going mobile is complicated business for any business. But, you should consider your options before you are left behind.

If nothing else, look ahead two years and assume everyone you care about – customers, suppliers, and employees – will have a powerful, always-connected, GPS-enabled mobile computer in their pocket… plan accordingly.” – Ryan Peterson, mobile strategist Ubermind


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