(the short, semi-pitchy version)…

Today, funnily enough, as Microsoft is making a bid for Yahoo at $44.6 billion to challenge Google and the internet at large, I also make an adjustment in my own landscape:

My new view of the internet launched on February 1, 2008.

Here’s the abridged version of the chronology to this point:

  • 2002-2004: “The Platform.” Working at Yahoo!/Overture on content solutions and business applications, and learning advertiser systems. After departure, I start plans for a search consulting firm, make a difference, unravel the SEO mysteries, educate.
  • 2005: “The Thinking Year.” Registered Microsaw.com. It sounds great when speaking on the phone, by the way. See the archived version of my funny first home page (to be honest, I was guessing here, not a lot of planning; whipped it out over a weekend). Lots of money (thousands) spent on e-courses, online marketing programs and Google Adwords.
    Key Learning Point: contact mentor(s) early; don’t assume you know it all. I wasted a lot of time and money. Do your market research and set specific goals. Break them into months and quarters. Start simple and think big (long term).
  • 2006: The “Building Year.” Immersed in seminars, online courses, forums, technical/app development and client work. Profoundly understood that I had found my niche and how hot it was.
    Key Learning Point: Don’t take on more business than you can handle. Make sure to focus not only on technology but also on the business (read: cash flow). This is the delicate balance of working “on” versus “in” the business. Outsource where you can (offshore is OK, but it requires project management, too).
  • 2007: The “Partnership Year.” With new seed money and infrastructure, partnerships and a sales team, able to grow faster and build online presence. Wrote the ultimate SEO book while still trying to keep up.
    Key Learning Point: Learned to (try to) extricate myself from everything involving daily tasking. (This can be a problem for anybody, especially if you love what you do. Learn and force yourself to delegate, and train people to replace you in most daily tasks: Work “on” the business.) Hard lesson: clients run your life, but they mean everything to a business.
  • 2008: Chaosmap.com launches search marketing los angeles (story emerging…). Never give up, and trust and enable people to help you. I’m now surrounded by top internet professionals and businesspeople. My biggest challenge day-to-day is how to manage a growing organization, a full family and to make sure clients and employees are taken care of at the same time. I am speaking with Andy Beal, a very successful search marketing business creator and search strategies speaker and author. Why didn’t I do this sooner? I have no clue. Maybe I thought I could do it all…


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