1. New to the ‘search engines’?
  2. Wondering how to get started optimizing your website?
  3. Want to find the best ways to move the needle quickly for your online business?

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  1. Will Search Engine Optimization work for MY website?
  2. I tried keyword research and have added relevant keywords to my pages, but no real measurable results.
  3. I have hired SEO experts, but not enough traffic or value to make it worthwhile. I’d like to learn it myself first.
  4. I think Social Media works better, so I have put SEO on hold.
  5. I’m not a techno-driven person. I don’t get all that stuff and it’s too difficult to even learn.
  6. I think it takes too much time. Plus, even if I did try harder – I don’t know what to prioritize.

I promise you’ll be able to use at least one thing that will help you greatly.

Search engines and SEO are easy when you know how. Join now.

Jon Rognerud
Author of “The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization”