12 tools to help you respond quickly when your business brand is mentioned. Don’t leave your reputation up to chance!

local small business reputation management tools list

Whether you are a dentist, florist, pianist, therapist, or any-“ist”, you need to make sure to engage and track your local mentions. There are tools available, some free, some paid – that can help you.

It’s better to be proactive than reactive, as the saying goes.

You can be up and running shortly, just follow this list.  Some of these require a little manual labor, but others can be totally automatic. I recommend a combination of the two.

What are the top local business reputation tracking tools?

These tools are not necessarily in order of importance. You should check them all out, and figure out what works best for you. With that said, you should consider Google Alerts as a must.

(TIP: any monitoring / tracking tool that you use that can expose results as RSS can/should be fed into your RSS reader, and further used from there)


#1 Tweetbeep.com

This is like a Google Alerts for Twitter. They have a free and paid/premium version. Get it set up for free to start. Set it up for your local region/search.

#2 Google.com/alerts

The free power tool from Google. It’s free, and allows you to set up different parameters to your liking. For example, you may enjoy receiving emails when events happen, or – you can send them to a custom RSS feed.

These are options you can choose from:

  • Type: Everything, News, Blogs, Realtime, Video, Discussions
  • Frequency: Once a day, As-it-happens, Once a week
  • Volume: Best results or all results
  • Distribution (yours): Email or RSS

If you want to set up your own customized Dashboard of sorts, use the RSS option in conjunction with iGoogle (https://www.google.com/ig). You can feed your Dashboard directly. Finally, don’t just enter your name or keyword(s), but use advanced operators where you can. For Google, use this Google Advanced Operator Guide https://www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators.html

#3 Social Monitoring Tool

Brandmentions.com is a powerful service and you can begin with a FREE trial. You get media and competitors spying, reputation monitoring and lots more.

#4 – Addictomatic.com

Had to include it on the list here as a good ‘overall’ tool. Still include it in your local monitoring exercise.

#5 – Twit Hawk

Local scan, find and connect – engage the conversation as it happens locally.

#5 – Twitter search

https://search.twitter.com/advanced – use the operators here also – drill down into your local neighborhood. Be inventive about keywords and locale – see what others are doing / saying in your space. Don’t spam. Be cool – it’s addictive.

#6 – Backtype.com

Helps you to understand your social impact. Use web addresses, topics and people as input. Good way to track your progress over time. Input your local competition to see how active they are.

#7 – Blogpulse.com

A popular tool for blogs and more. Check out the extended search tools.

#8 – Getlisted.org

This tool will help you get listed, and find out how well you are doing in local from a visibility perspective. Easy to use, and give you a score for local success. Good local learning center.

#9 – Google Blog Search

A default tool for blog exploration. Use advanced operators to drill into local markets. Use RSS options also.

#10 – Postrank.com

Track your local and broader social engagement on the web. It’s free to set up, and tie your Analytics directly to it and assign engagement values to your account. Highly recommended. Free and paid.

#11 – Facebook search

Some folks say Facebook search is going to overtake Google. That’s for another post – but for now, don’t worry about that – but use it to your advantage, and get another look into your local landscape for people, pages, groups, events and more.

#12 – LinkedIn search

For B2B and also local – you can find a lot of healthy information and activity for your marketplace. Try the basic search and also the linkedin advanced search.

Finally, don’t forget to register your business on Google Places, Bing, Yahoo – and use local search for your competition. See what they are up to – and – look for news, images, videos and more.


For smart phone research and use – Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places are good places to start.


Try  https://nearbytweets.com/ for Twitter too.

What do you think? What did I miss?


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