OK, a seed term from Speed, the first movie in a series with Keanu Reeves. “Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: What do the top 2007 winners within the new social media realm have in common?”

Do you know who they are (?):

  • “New addictive microblogging platform”;
  • “Top personalized web portal”;
  • “From desktop computing to working in the cloud”;
  • “At 23, Mark has built one of the world’s leading online destinations that has recently been valued at $15 billion”
    ** (you should know; watch out for this in 2008);
  • “Saves the world from blog spam”;
  • “Change the way people find health information online”;
  • “$1.5 million investment in 2005–bought by eBay in 2007 for $75 million”; and
  • “XBox live for casual games.”

All the winners and more answers are found here.

What they have in common are:

genius, timing, resources/people network, usefulness, uniqueness, filling a need and creating top positions within an emerging technology platform explosion: social media.

Are you thinking about social media this year?


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