Any industry have their expressions. Words or descriptions to help define a particular market place or technology, for example. We all use them to cut through the “clutter”, get ourselves understood quicker (?) – and in some cases – show others that we are very smart (because we know and use these words in well-strung-together-sentences).

However, every year we see new terms emerging (what is crowdsourcing?) and dying, much to the delight and dismay of executives, entrepreneurs and workers in our Internet Industry.

What were the most tired terms or industry expressions in 2010, as compared to 2009 and 2008?

Here’s what the analytics said.

In a recent study from Anderson Analytics, executives (Meng) were asked which, if any, industry buzz words, they were most tired of hearing?

Social Media, Twitter, and Social Networking are the top 3 words mentioned, and many were similar to the 2009 list.

The 2010 responses indicate frustration with more specific areas:

  • The term Social Media seems to be replacing the Web 2.0 (a more generic and broad category)
  • In terms of social networking, Twitter specifically has made the top of the list

The Top 10 List For Most Tired Of Hearing Industry Terms:
Top 10 most tired of hearing internet industry expressions

Anderson Analytics MENG 2010 Trend Report Final


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