Full Disclosure About Testimonials, Advertising and Federal Regulations – JONROGNERUD.COMThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has introduced new rules about how testimonials are used, and across the Internet.

Briefly stated, you cannot “mis-lead” your audience by simply quoting your best and happiest testimonials (clients, customers or patients). You have to also disclose “averages” and how “everybody” is doing.

It appears that a mixture of success and failure makes the best sense. At our company, we build our foundations on integrity, authority and leadership. So, it serves us poorly to try to inject “false” testimonials, or “improved” comments by adding extra “Yes, we love you” to try and impress for the moment. We do that differently, by creating long term relationships that are equally built on trust.

The truth is, we have found that only the top 5% of anybody who get coaching or training actually do much, and only the top 1% become massive winners. While the rest of the group sign up for programs, we make it very clear that (for all) – it’s very important to follow the recommendations, steps and strategies we outline. Taking consistent and ongoing action is the primary way for winning in business (and life). That’s what we advocate, and stand for.

Failure is also success if you learn from that, and continue pushing forward. While this is a truth, I also must emphasize that not everybody will be successful, and not all that I tell you will work.


Jon Rognerud