How To Reach Top Bloggers
Bloggers/Media Bleachers

For any business, online or off – a secret key to success in your own visibility (and hopefully recognition) lies with “other people”.

You know the expression – ‘guilty by association’.

That can work to your favor and is not necessarily bad, if done right.

And, as an up and coming blogger, you need all the help you can get.

In the internet marketing space in general, awareness about you, your brand can come from many different sources.


Web traffic is the life-blood online, but not just any traffic. You’ve heard that before.

For example – in affiliate marketing programs, product launches and pre-launch sequences, most of that traffic can come from other affiliates. Millions of dollars have been sold with this model only. The relationships are referred to as “JV’s” (joint ventures), and is cornerstone to the massive, million dollar launches you’ve read about. Certainly, SEO, PPC, Email marketing and many more (the traffic building lists) are also part of any internet marketers toolbox.

People are key.

But, when it comes to the blogging world, and getting attention in general, there are some ways the top brass prefers it. Here are some considerations for you. See if you can even recognize the style or tone of the online celebrity. Tip: get out from behind your computer!

#1 – Be Direct and Short

“Everybody is short on time these days, and the more succinctly you can express yourself, the better.”

#2 – Got something useful to say?

“Readers with something to say should email me.”

#3 – Promote others first

“…they understand that promoting others is every bit as important as promoting themselves.”

#4 – Research, Follow (spy)

“But to get my attention you should look at what’s getting my engagement at Twitter and the other places I write.”

#5 – A different approach

“And of course a snail mail letter is likely to at least get opened…”

Now, if you thought there were only 5 ways, you’d be limiting yourself. Make sure you read the entire list and find out who the top bloggers are – here. (Kudos to the awesome Tamar Weinberg for that work!)

Now, ask yourself this – what’s part of the list that suits your style best? More importantly, are you thinking about their WIIFM (what’s in it for me) first?


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