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Search engine optimization is really only “content” + “links”. So, how does it break down for a business related website?

SEO was considered a pretty technical exercise from the beginning (mid-90’s). Tweak and spam up your HTML code, and you would show up in the search engines. But, you had to know code. This has changed to become more PR centric over time and content is central to your online / offline marketing, always has been.

Here are simple steps you can now take to get your business website listed in the search results:

  • Include unique and keyword rich TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags on every page (think about drawing the user in also)
  • Add supporting header tags (H1, H2) and variations of keywords and benefit driving headlines
  • Add synonyms, plurals, singulars and learn to position text early in every element your pages
  • Sprinkle keywords/phrases naturally through-out the body of your page, don’t worry about keyword density
  • Focus on users first, search engines second
  • Add clear call-to-action buttons and links within your copy – test and drive up your conversions.
  • Interlink your pages in a natural, easily accessible way for users and search engines
  • Links: Write regularly – useful articles and distribute them on your site, and unique copies for article marketing & syndication
  • Sitemaps

This is how most business SEO is performed at the beginner level. However, you’d be amazed at how many businesses don’t know the basics, and how much confusion there is.

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