Online Marketing Search Engine & Marketing Tools: Research, Analysis, Reporting

Use these, mostly free tools, to find out where your competition is, what keywords to use, help build strategies for content, links and more. See if your business is viable (to make money) online. Use these to also to enhance and expand what you have. Updates are coming.

Match up findings from the online work to your business planning and more.

Find out how you stack up with a SWOT analysis. Make sure you have a business. Don’t assume anything. Pretty pictures don’t sell, but a sound business model does, and can sustain you for the long term, and until a possible sale.

Questions, or need help?

Schedule a time and contact me regarding any use of these tools and more.

Competitive Marketplace Tools

Use this to find out what your marketplace is up to – and especially your competitors.

  1. Spyfu
  2. KeywordSpy
  3. Compete
  4. SpyonWeb

Keyword Research Tools

Once you have determined the marketplace to be valid, start the keyword research process, and build out your segmented lists for SEO & PPC.

  1. Google Keyword Tool
  2. Google Trends
  3. Think With Google (
  4. Market Samurai
  5. SEMRush
  6. Wordstream (PPC, keywords and grouper)
  7. Wordtracker
  8. Wordze
  9. Google Trends

Content (on-page) Tools

After you have built out some of your key pages, checked the on-page factors using these tools.

  1. SEO Browser tool
  2. Lynx Browser
  4. Website Grader
  5. Pear Analytics (

Links Analysis and Link Building Tools

External ‘voting’ factors are key to Google’s search engine. Find out what your competitors are doing, and hunt down more links, and fix the onsite links as well.

  1. Xenu link sleuth
  2. Backlink Analyzer
  3. OpenSiteExplorer
  4. Bad neighborhood checker
  5. Solo SEO link search
  6. Link Diagnosis (Firefox)
  7. BacklinkWatch
  8. Majestic SEO
  9. SpyderMate

Rank Checker Tools

Ranks are interesting to a point. Think more about conversions. Here are some tools you can use. Use with caution:

  1. Mike’s Ranking Reports
  2. Firefox Ranking Plugin
  3. AWR (advanced web ranking)

Domain Research Tools

Domains are the anchor points of the Internet. A carefully researched domain can do amazing things for your online success and branding.

  1. Domaintools
  2. Godaddy bulk checker
  3. RegisterCompass
  4. Namecheap
  5. PsychicWhois

Web Page Speed Tools

Another signal now used in Google’s algorithm. Make sure you have presentable, fast loading pages for your users.

  1. Web Page Analyzer Speed Report
  2. Google Page Speed Tool
  3. Pingdom Tools
  4. Link Vendor Speed Tool

Server Tools

For techno geeks:

Conversion Tools

Using free tools that work – will excite anybody.  Here are some free and paid conversion tools.  No tool is absolutely perfect, but they will get the job done and good enough to build out your business. Look at a few variables to change at a time.  Background colors, border colors, fonts, headline colors, sizes, buttons, images (hero-shots), offers, price, headline/hooks – are good to look at, just don’t do them all at the same time. Traffic will be important so you can test properly. Test videos, emails, custom sales pages, order forms, banner ads and – really – anything you want to improve.

  1. Google Analytics / Conversion code
  2. Google Website Optimizer
  3. Visual Website Optimizer
  4. Optimizely
  5. Get Clicky

Social Media  Tools

Social media is the latest and greatest out there. Listen and watch the ‘rivers of news’, before you engage. Use some of these tools to start out.

  1. Twitter search (
  2. Twitalyzer
  3. Klout
  4. SocialOomph
  5. Hootsuite
  6. Twitter Feed
  7. Friend Or Follow
  8. Tweet Beep
  9. Back Type
  10. Blog Pulse
  11. Social Mention

Website Analysis Tools

Take a quick look at how your website is performing, or could be optimized with these free tips and tools:

  1. Website Grader
  2. Quark Base
  3. Pear Analytics

Press Release Wire & Publishing

Press releases are a great way to share your activity and news, including building links and creating deeper visibility. These are typically very trusted, but comes at a price. You can use free services also, but not as effective (prlog, for example).

  1. PR Web
  2. Business Wire
  3. Email Wire
  4. Web Wire

Audio Editing Tools

Audio editing and scoring is easy with these tools.

  1. Audacity (free)
  2. Sonic Fire Pro (Smartsound)

Video Recording & Editing Tools

Video editing and video management.

  1. Camtasia
  2. ScreenR
  3. Jing Project
  4. Windows Movie Maker

Questions, or need help?

Schedule a time and contact me regarding any use of these tools and more.