As an entrepreneur and business owner it’s easy to miss the obvious points that make you and your business great.

You started your business for a good reason, didn’t you? It was not just the creating of freedom and money. No, it was more…

…It was to serve and provide your user community and audience with quality products and services. That, along with a passion for customer service and experiences.

And, to make a mark. To be different, to build a future for your family. Perhaps even thinking about the term “legacy”?


In the beginning of new business planning and creation, we often focus on the values that create warmth and positive thoughts. Sure, we know it takes work, but who doesn’t want to create millions and double or triple their net worth in a couple of years?

If you are one that is starting a new business today or you have been doing it for a while, but cannot seem to get traction beyond a certain measure (monthly revenue, profits), it is time to answer a serious question:

Are you qualified to do business online?

Here are the 3 reasons you are not qualified:

  1. No product or service
  2. No offer
  3. No list

I’m really speaking to you, the person with long and great experience. You, the person with even bigger dreams that always wonders why you can’t either start, grow or continually crush it online.

If you miss any of the above 3 points, you ought to consider getting a (regular) job, partnering up with a firm or individual whom you can help, or seek investment money (should not be your first choice).

On the other hand, if you have a product and list (warm is preferred) in a vetted email list service (we use, begin to test targeted traffic against specialized offer pages (sales letters, videos, downloads).

By the way, I feel where you might be on this. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve felt the same way. It can be VERY frustrating. I’ve learned that changing just one or two things can make all the difference. Start by becoming very clear on who you are serving and present an offer – or a better offer than you are currently.

Get started with your offer (and be clear on “who” you are serving)

You can start on paper. Write down the benefits you’re offering, and what problems that your audience has – that you have solutions to. Then, you can start playing around with tools and test it by getting it online.

You can get started building pages without any technical knowledge here.

Isn’t it time to get down to “BUSINESS”? 


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