Success starts with loving your self. Ask yourself: How high is your self-worth?

Question: In life, why is that some folks become more successful than others? New Question: Why is your neighbor a millionaire, but you are not? Final question: do you care? (you should)

In this context, I’m defining “successful” as having enough money (and time) to do want you want, when you want it, with whom you want. That is what many consider total financial freedom, and a lifestyle beyond most people’s dreams. And, you are inspired and able to give back.

We (most of us) are born into this world with no more than a blanket tucked around us. Sure, some are born into money, and others are privileged in unique ways – but – we all start the same way – pure.

When discussing success and money, I’m not talking about becoming wealthy through inheritance, marriage, lottery or breaking the law by stealing or defrauding people. I’m talking about entrepreneurship – taking risks and running your own business.

Even though successful people are driven, take on seemingly unattainable projects and set big, hairy audacious goals (BHAG) – there is one thing that sets them apart from the other 97%.

I Don’t Have “that”.

You might say that “those people” are successful because of who they know, their environment, their education (smarts) or health, and a number of things or resources that you may not have… at this time.

However, most people that are successful in life don’t worry about resources, per se. But, they have what most consider key: They employ ‘resourcefulness’. And, as they amass wealth, they are still the same person, even with all the material gold around them. It truly starts with your inner “wealth” – what you believe in, your thoughts and actions.

Brains and Beauty.

But, why is it that super-smart, beautiful, educated people are not necessarily the wealthiest? If brains is all that it took, we’d probably all study a lot harder, right?


I think it’s pretty simple. If you don’t think you are worth it (whatever *that* is to you), and you don’t think can attain it (success), you are right. Therefore, a simple change for tomorrow may be this: dig just a little deeper to try to understand why you are not making it. I bet you will not go far, until you discover that your SELF-WORTH (which only can come from you, by the way) thermostat is set too low. You essentially have become a victim or your environment, and your own limited self-beliefs. Self esteem is something that can be squashed, but it’s more important to have, and to restore (if you’ve lost it) than you think.

Action Steps.

Therefore, employ something in your day that inspires and confirms you as a human being with success in your future (listen to positive messages, self help via CD’s in your car, reach out to new groups of people that inspire you, go for a walk, etc). In fact, start right now. You ARE much bigger than you think. What’s up ahead is bright, and you might consider it your obligation to change, because others depend on you for it. Yes, they need you. And, you don’t need to change the world, just somebody’s world.

Self-worth = “The quality of being worthy of esteem or respect”.

Now ask this: from a scale of 1 to a 100 – how high is your self-worth? Go for 110!


Become more resourceful, and enjoy your life as a high-worth person!


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