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Training and managing staff – including controlling your own time – comes at a high price. While you are planning your business, networking, building relationships, getting more traffic via online marketing, nurturing leads and growing sales, the clock quickly becomes your enemy. You are literally running out of time. The Internet and technology was supposed to help you, but it is not measuring up. You have no time left in your day and you are stretched to the brink. Don’t even think about playing with the kids today, you say to yourself.

What if I could show you a way to TURN this around in JUST ONE DAY?

<== Hi, this is Jon Rognerud:
America’s Online Productivity and Marketing Expert

The most valuable asset we have is our time. It’s even more valuable than money, real-estate, investments, cars, tools or gadgets.

All of us are granted 24 hours a day. What Donald Trump gets done in a day and what you get done – it’s all the same time. The rich don’t get more time than you. But, you may have to be smarter about it.

Well, here’s the BIG NEWS: what we choose to do with that time is totally under our control.

Things that fill up our time are plentiful. In the New Economy and with the Internet “on” 24×7 – we get pulled in so many directions, we don’t know when we are coming or going. The time-suck that now destroys your life and business is the Internet. It’s the super-highway robbery of TIME.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, emails, videos, games and chat rooms are full of people just passing time – or worse – like a gambling addiction – they get stuck in their own ways. The big question comes up again and again: how do I manage my online time and life?

**Top reasons to attend this Webinar:

  • Understand why everything you’ve been doing online to save time is wrong
  • If you are struggling with management of your social media, this is for you.
  • If SEO and online advertising is taking too much time to manage, you need to attend.
  • Business owners with 1-5 staff that want to improve online production and throughput by at least 300%
  • If you are wondering how to ‘set it and forget it’ but still have your online presence work for you day & night

**What you will learn during the 1-hour presentation:

  • How to run your weekly life on only 10 minutes a day of very focused work
  • How automation works and how you can integrate this INSANELY SIMPLE system into your business today – for FREE
  • What 4 steps are needed to get started on the road to high online productivity
  • How to completely eliminate bad habits in your online life (this is BIG)


Who this is NOT FOR:
If you are a friend of Stephen Covey and the traditional time management principles, that’s good. But, we are going to share and teach you the principles for ‘STEALTH time management’ using the Internet. If you’re in a “Corporate America” environment, and attend meetings because you have to, this will probably not help you. (unless you are the CEO)

About the Author

This is the section where you get to learn all about me, how cool I am… Truthfully, most people don’t care to read this section, but since you are here…: I’ve been in the US for almost 30 years, and I’m a musician-turned-programmer-turned-marketer.

When I left Yahoo in 2005, I started my own management consulting/training firm and have since helped multimillion businesses grow, sell more and become visible online. I have a wonderful family and 3 little monsters at home that keep me on my toes daily. (I manage to spend tons of time with my kids every day – and when I want to – which is super cool.)

See you soon,