With over a billion websites on the Internet and with many (most) business owners, senior level executives and webmasters fretting over their “sucky” website, this episode of “the sit down” comes to the rescue! (EP003)

Question to you:
What’s the first thing you should look at in terms of learning why your website sucks? (Answer: most of you are not doing THIS)…

Watch the total website disaster video now.

Image capture:

Key Take Aways:

1) Don’t get emotional about your website (easier said than done)
2) Get key metrics (data) to analyze
3) If no analytics, get log data and then install scripts
4) Leverage free and paid analytics tools
5) Use Google Analytics and Tag Manager together

In conclusion – think about your website as a functional tool to drive more awareness, prospects and support for your customers.

Don’t sweat about fancy new logos, layouts, designs and colors, then cobble something together, and proudly showcase this to your Facebook friends.

I see this all the time..”hey friends, do you like my new design?” It’s not a viable business approach. (it’ll make you feel good, but it won’t beat a crossfit class :-))

So – find / get supporting data and research your market and business to answer this ONE QUESTION: What’s the main goal with my website, and how can I serve that purpose better than anybody else?


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