Are you a coach, consultant or business owner?

You may have come across the term “high ticket sales” in your business interactions. Have you fully understood what it is? Do you know how you might apply it to your own business?

In today’s broadcast, I explain what the term High Ticket Sales is – how you can use it and to attract high ticket clients:

High Ticket Sales – What Is It? – Jon Rognerud

I break down the sales, selling, how to acquire high ticket clients.

I also include how you can use high ticket sales to re-configure how you think about selling your services and products using the high ticket sales model.

And, ultimately your sales growth will benefit including getting a higher ROI. If you’re running paid media, your ROAS will automatically be geared for high return on your ad spend out the gate.

Here’s the timeline breakdown:

0:00 What Is High Ticket Sales Introduction
2:46 What is high ticket sales definition
4:23 High Ticket Pricing Tiers
6:06 How To Sell High Ticket
17:25 How To Get Clients With High Ticket Sales
24:54 About High Ticket Sales Learning

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