We see the trends of advertisers & traditional media. That includes consumers as well.

It’s changing. We are attracted to the Internet.

The advertisers flocking to the Internet mediums are wide & deep. The budgets allocated for Internet marketing channels are increasing. TV advertisers are starting to scramble.

I mean, who watches TV anymore?

Plus, sitting on a couch somewhere with your beer and chips is a losers game anyway. However, entertainment and news are close to us – we enjoy it.

Too much of a good thing is not cool though, right? However, with the latest portable gadgets and custom apps, you can watch data streams on the run.

When watching movies and TV online, there are two players (pun intended) that stand out.

Who are they – and who gets more eyeballs?

The two are Hulu and Netflix. I like the free version of Hulu – and it has a really cool interface. However, the difference between paid and free doesn’t always speak to the favor of FREE.

Unique visitors to Netflix have been growing at an impressive rate. They are above Hulu which is primarily a free service. It appears to be growing at a steady clip, and the subscribers are coming on strong.

Netflix wins. What do you think?

netflix versus hulu traffic viewers

Netflix is growing fast!


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