flip camera cisco announcement rest in peace
You read the news this week right? The popular Flip camera is being discontinued. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco will not support it. Not even sell it? Yes, just let a dying dog die (or is it lie?), they say. Bigger opening for iPhone expansion?

I personally used the Flip camera for business and personal use. When I spoke on stage, and I showed it, demoed it, recorded with it – people were blown away in terms of quality (video specifically, sound ok), and the powerful punch in a tiny gadget for around a hundred bucks or so. However, fast forward – we’re in 2011 – and all the smartphones now have cameras and sound built in. I think John is a smart exec, understanding that there is not much in the technology for Flip anymore. Probably just the brand, but he has bigger fish to fry as they saying goes.

What options do you know have?

Here is a short list of small video cameras you can check out

1 – Sony – Bloggie Camera

2 – Kodak – ZX3 series

3 – Jazz DV173

4 – GE Active DV1-AB

5 – Sony Bloggie Touch

6 – 8GB iPod Touch

7 – iPhone 4

8 – HTC Thunderbolt

9 – Motorola Droid X

10 – Motorola Atrix 4G

What do you think? Did John Chambers make the right move?


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