Agressive headline. Know it.

However, if you understand how important users, visitors and traffic is to your website, it should get you into action faster. (and you can use this tool to do it). Read on.

The online marketing space is filled with opportunities to drive more traffic and users. Have a great product or service that people naturally share is an awesome way to do it.

Affiliates can bring a burst of users, but it’s temporary. Try to build something that will be long term, and grows more and more over time. In this post, you’ll see how channel surfing tools gets this company hundreds of thousands of new visitors each month. Yes, I’m talking about StumbleUpon.

The Name.

SU as its called for short helps users find what interests them most. It’s like a TV Guide to the Facebook masses. Taken back from eBay in 2009 (a $29 million dollar bid), and now boasts 15 million users.

The Money.

Investors like this model too – and last month, got a $17million stake in the company. The combination of a social sharing tool, with advertising opportunities gets people excited. And, the “money folks” know it.

The Platform(s).

SU is like channel surfing, it’s very easy to use (no searching needed). Likeminded people come together in a big network and vote up/or down the most interesting, useful content.  The mobile side is growing fast too. 40% of the growth comes from mobile users.

The CEO.

Garret Gump (32) is a true entrepreneur. He understands the need for social, in combination with technology and content. It’s a winning formula.

The Advertising.

The SU ads also has a very low cost (cents) per “impression”. The pages are shown every 20th time somebody clicks to discover something.

What do you think? Do you believe SU will survive in the “Facebook” era?


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