I was recently asked why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important for a website and online business.

Good question!

When you hear people in the business speak about natural search or organic search results, they are talking about the website listings that show up in the non-paid area of your result pages.

Paid advertising, sponsored ads, PPC (pay-per-click) refers to ads you can purchase/bid for placement and are displayed around your page (top, right, bottom) *format & positions vary depending on search engine.

Search engine optimization is the art and science of tuning your site for maximum exposure in the non-paid area for your key search terms – and optimally, on page #1 of the search engine results pages.

Once a search engine visitor types a query into the search box and receives results, findings have shown that:

  • Natural Search receives 250% more traffic than the paid search.
  • Natural search converts 30% higher than PPC
  • 1st Page on SERPs gets at least 80% of the clicks
  • 2nd page on SERPs gets much less at about 10% of the clicks

It is widely known that the SERPs have a higher credibility factor, and as shown on the picture below (courtesy Eyetools), subjects tend to view data on a page in an “F-shaped” fashion, top-left and staggered downward and to the right. This area has been referred to as the Golden Triangle, since being shown here for your key terms is the most trusted, and collects the highest and best action & conversion.

Eyetools Golden Triangle
Click for larger image

Explanations of HeatMap:
Red/Orange color: all subjects halted their gaze at this part of the page
Yellow color: More than half of all subjects halted their gaze here
Purple X: Shows a mouse click
Dotted line: Shows where computer breaks on the PC screen (“fold”)
Red lines: How far subjects scrolled down before leaving the page

In the next post, I’ll show you why content on your page is so important, and what the difference between what the human and non-human visitors sees. It’ll blow you away! 🙂


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