Facebook is the captain of social now. But for how long?

When Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg unveiled to the world the new feature called Timeline in the fall of 2011, he said that Facebook would be THE one and only social media networking site to document life from birth to death.

As everyone now knows, Facebook users can post baby photos to signify the beginning of their Facebook lives.

This is not the first time this has occurred on the web.

Several years ago, technology experts and analysts believed that MySpace and Friendster would be around forever. Perhaps Facebook can go on indefinitely?

Because – after all, it won’t be long until there are over 1 billion users on that social networking site. Now that Facebook shares are being sold on the stock market, many people have stopped to wonder if Facebook could ever be replaced and if so, by what?

There are plenty of people out there who believe that it’s high time for someone to give Facebook a run for its money.

To illustrate, a nAP and CNBC poll taken in the United States showed that over half of all Americans believe that Facebook is nothing more than a fad. But, that may simply be a case of wishful thinking. Thus far, no one has been able to knock Mr. Zuckerberg off his mighty throne. Not Twitter, not Google+ nor anyone or anything else. Two apps, Instagram (photo sharing app) and Glancee (social discovery app) did give Facebook some competition but guess what? Facebook purchased them both outright.

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It was not so terribly long ago that MySpace was the top social network in the world.

Eventually, Facebook took over that role and has not looked back since. Today, right at this moment, Facebook is growing. People out there have already invested a lot of their time and web presence into Facebook and as time goes on, it will be harder for the typical user to break free as he or she becomes tied into more elements of a total online experience.

Many people have said that they are going to call it quits on Facebook but the reality is that most of those folks are still there.

Facebook has changed the world wide web on both a personal and business level. Nowadays Facebook offers businesses of all types and sizes the chance to advertise on its network. Because its members can ‘Like’ things on Facebook, they’re giving the social networking platform more and more power to take part in targeted advertising that’s truly targeted to the users through the things that they really do like. The Like tab on Facebook keeps the user’s interests current and it also enables advertisers to know exactly who to target.

There is nothing to indicate that Facebook is on its way out.

In fact, quite the opposite is true as throngs of people continue to join every day. Sure, undoubtedly there be other young entrepreneurs who will try to come up with something to de-throne Zuckerberg with but until then, expect Facebook to stick around. Mr. Zuckerberg and company will continue to offer new innovative features which will keep the members it has happy and which will  go far in reaching around the world to draw in new users.

What do you think? Will Facebook always reign as the top social media network on the planet?

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