Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. – George Washington Carver

Search engine optimization is a combination of a) skill/knowledge, b) talent and c) creativity – and putting them all into action – and building from there. Just do it – no excuses.

You can even do it internationally!

SEO – 21 things to consider list (Hmmm.. are they in order of importance?):

  1. Keyword research
  2. Competitive research / market research
  3. Links research – competitors and new link opportunities
  4. Traffic and conversion monitoring and tracking (ranking too in some cases)
  5. Information architecture & framework development (users and search) *consider a “themed” site (silo)
  6. Unique content development – on page
  7. Continuous development of quality links Рoff page
  8. Server / technical considerations
  9. Relevancy (keywords to pages)
  10. HTML code/structure (layout and TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 tags, etc)
  11. Search friendly website (crawling, indexing)
  12. Stemming (smile, smiles, smiled, smiling)
  13. Ontology / keyword relationships / synonyms
  14. Social media sites/network buildout
  15. Syndication and promotion of content (for promotion/visibility / links)
  16. Robots file (robots.txt) management (control duplicate content issues)
  17. Sitemap (HTML & XML) *XML least important
  18. Build for authority and trust – your domain, long term
  19. Blog (create one within your domain), add posts daily, weekly
  20. No flash or animated text and heavy graphics
  21. Pages should load fast (users & search engines, that’s the order of focus)

Any questions?  Which ones do you consider the most important?


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