Utilizing Social Media Networks in Small Business to Increase Success (Infographic)

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In today’s technological world, is it any wonder that most small business owners rely heavily on Internet resources to promote and advertise their services?

When most people think of using the Internet to promote business, they think of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

It may surprise you, however, to find that social media networks also have a great influence on customers and where they choose to take their business.

So what are the social media networks that small businesses use to increase customers and sales?

Facebook is used by businesses 92 percent of the time to promote their services and products, making it the number one social media site for marketing.

Following with a close second is Twitter at 84 percent.

In third and fourth place, we have LinkedIn at 71 percent and business blogs at 68 percent.

These four sites are certainly the most utilized by business marketers and have been shown to increase business in an age where practically everyone is a member of one or more of these networks.

While these four sites are certainly the most used and successful ways to promote business in the social media world, they are not the only ones. Other sites used include YouTube, social bookmarking sites, forums, geo-locations, Groupons, and MySpace.

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If you are a small business owner who has used these sites for marketing, you have undoubtedly seen an increase in your business.  If you haven’t yet ventured into this area of business promotion, it is never too late to start and get your company moving in a better direction.

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