YouTube is owned by Google.

YouTube has more than 2 billion users globally, and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.

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Add to this the additional Google YouTube partner programs, the monetization strategies and easy display on portable and mobile devices, and you have a fantastic platform to get your brand noticed.

From a search perspective, it’s also highly authoritative. This impacts visibility in a positive way when you optimize videos for search engine optimization, and specifically Google. It’s not uncommon to have a video show up on the first page in hours and days.

I think you get the idea – you need to have a YouTube presence.

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Here are some things you can do right now – make sure to check off the items in the lists below as you complete them.

HOT TIP: Going through this checklist and modifying how you optimize videos now will positively change the positions in search engines. Start simple, begin with one video. Review your statistics (YouTube and your own web analytics) and begin with the videos that create the most traffic and conversions.

For existing videos – go back and review – decide and determine what the main goal is for the video, what it will be used for, and who the audience is (demographic). Then, make changes using keywords and content as outlined below. Always try to balance keywords/phrases against compelling clicks. If you rank, but nobody clicks, you lose.

Adding a keyword or phrases that people search for in the Title is a best practice. Sometimes, even adding the word “video” in the title can work. Review your competitive landscape and monitor as you progress towards success.

Download The YouTube Traffic Optimization Tips (PDF document) I prepared for you. It’s an easy format to follow. Start applying these changes today.

Here is the summary of things you need to consider. Read below for all the details.

  • Keywords in the TITLE
  • Keywords in the DESCRIPTION
  • Keywords in the TAGS
  • Incoming links (channel and/or specific video)
  • Time watched
  • Total views

1. Keywords Used In the Title

Only the first 55 to 65 characters are seen in the YouTube search results so make sure your front-end load the title with your primary keyword phrase and your “call to action” or points of interest.

Write it like a Headline so it encourages searchers to click it (so they watch the video).

Use your primary and secondary keyword phrases. Review competitor’s use of keywords and phrases also.

Don’t repeat your keywords in the title; that won’t help but using different keywords can.

Use every last character available in the title to maximize the chances of being discovered.

Remember, don’t “spam” by using unrelated keywords. But, try to combine several related keywords and still have the title “make sense” and compel the reader to “take action” and watch the video.

2. Keywords in the Description

According to YouTube… “The more words you include in your description, the higher your chances of being discovered by searchers”

Add the URL of your domain in the beginning of the description area. Ask them to visit you page with a special offer or something that “draws” them in. (if possible)

That means you should write really long descriptions and try to incorporate every single primary, secondary and related keyword phrase that you can.

Use all 5,000 characters allowed if possible. This can include text from the video itself. Consider combining with transcripts.

Don’t bother repeating your primary keyword phrase multiple times unless you need to, it won’t help your rankings and it can get you banned for “spam” by YouTube.

3. Keywords in the Tags

Use as many relevant keywords as you can fit in as tags without spamming (including your primary and secondary keyword phrases). Review competitor’s videos also. Use common sense, and no spamming!

Use quotation marks around your most important multi-word keyword phrases that you wish to rank high for.

Also add your primary and secondary keyword phrases without quotation marks to help increase discoverability for search phrases related to the market that you never even thought of.

Use quotation marks for multi-word phrases when you really want to make sure you rank high for that particular keyword phrase.

4. Incoming Links

Without a doubt incoming links are the most powerful way to make sure you rank for any one particular keyword phrase, especially for Google.

Think about your keyword pool (primary/secondary) and use related terms from external sources. Don’t just match “exactly” on the term you are trying to rank for. Mix it up.

Think about your audience. Do they “care” about your information, are you placing and using it for branding, sales or educational purposes?

Use a combination of traditional incoming links from external sources AND – use Social Media to open the flood gates as well.

5.Time Watched

Create quality content that keeps the user engaged.

Add YouTube “Annotations” to your videos that hyperlink to your other videos that are related to your topic, your playlists or your channel.

Use “In Video Programming” feature to showcase a thumbnail hyperlink to your most popular video. Insert it just before the point where you lose your average viewer in your top videos.

6. Total video Views

Announce your video to your list

Embed the video on high traffic sites

Buy cheap PPC traffic for the video (use YouTube Advertising via Google Adwords)

Leverage Youtube banner advertising and test

Announce the video on social media sites and targeted placements



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