Social media is the media darling, no doubt.

SM gets a lot of press, and with seemingly bigger and bigger social media mega traffic launches everywhere (is it just me?) – folks get sucked into the whole “social media doesn’t just rock, it’s sexy too” mindset. Heck, we’re human, right – it’s actually a lot of fun!

Techcrunch reports that “Facebook can become bigger than Google” (thanks, seobook!). It’s interesting to see the trends and data, for sure. And, the new social network movie is just out. More hype and excitement. (it portraits Mr. Zuckerberg as a villain, but folks close to him say it’s “entertainment”, i.e. not true. Evil-doers draw more attention, I guess).

Let’s stop for a minute.

Should we drop current tactics of SEO, Adwords (Google), Display Networks/Adsense, in favor of Facebook social plugins and ads?

Recent studies show a different picture. This is real.

Search engine optimization should be used in concert with multiple marketing strategies, we all know that. That even includes off-line. (Have you sent any postcards recently?)

Balancing (testing) your various marketing channels is key, and it includes social media to be sure. Search includes “social signals” too.

MarketingSherpa provides extreme insights to our search marketing industry. Let’s take a look at a recent statistic regarding use of search / social. (It may surprise you too…)

Chart: The effectiveness of SEO objectives and Social Media Objectives

The question was asked: “…In your experience, how effective has search engine optimization (SEO) and social media been at accomplishing these marketing objectives for your organization…?”


Of 7 questions or areas discussed, 5 came back with the winner: SEO. And, they are very important. They affect brand, awareness (surprised?), website traffic, lead generation, offline sales revenue and online sales revenue.

Social media can work fast (viral), and has apparently bigger impact on brand and product reputation. It’s what people “hear about”. Search is different. It drives what people are actively looking for. You don’t visit Facebook to search for a new car, or looking for the latest review of that hip, new techno gadget.

How does that make you feel about your current and future plans for SEO? Do you have a process in place for it now? (most don’t)


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