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Facebook is a powerhouse of a social networking platform. Over 500,000,000 million users and going for 600 million around the corner. Lots of activity (understatement of the year).

This is a post about mistakes you should not make when you are thinking about using Facebook as a platform for friend building – and customer building (read: Facebook ads) *isn’t it really one and the same?

What are the 7 mistakes you are making using Facebook today?

#1 You have chosen your facebook plan but still not sure

Make sure you understand completely the possible strategies before just diving in.

#2 I don’t have to get into details of landing pages

Before you make any development of pages, make sure you understand what can get you banned. (read: advertising / landing page approvals)

#3 Social expansion is easy

Do you think it is? Learn the easy ways to cross promote using these Facebook strategies.

#4 I have chosen Facebook as my new winning platform, forget Google (or is it the other way around)

Sure about your traffic and customer sources? What can this tell you?

#5 I know the fastest way to build Facebook landing pages

Do you? Learn how you can create friendly pages  to users and Facebook.

#6 Web traffic from Facebook is awesome (you might have that one right)

Learn some of the best techniques, and make sure you don’t make too many mistakes along the way

#7 I know about Facebook advertising, so what?

Are you making critical mistakes and losing money on your advertising? Think you know?


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