The 7 Rules of Email List Building

If you really want to succeed in email marketing, you have to know the rules to succeed in list building.

Here is the first of the 7 rules of successful list building:

1. Never send spam email to your subscribers

No matter how great the number of your subscribers, you must never send any unsolicited advertisement to your subscribers. First of all, it is annoying. You might agree with me on this one. But, another drawback is that when you send spam email to your subscribers, your email will be directed to spam folder. Thus, it will be automatically deleted by your subscribers.

2. Keep building trust

No matter what niche you’re in, you have to keep building trust so that your subscribers will know that you are one trusted source for them. The way you build trust will vary, but generally you have to deliver what you’ve said you will deliver to your subscribers. To make them keep their trust toward you, you have to make sure to keep giving them what they want.

3. Avoid unsubscriptions

Generally, your subscribers are already subscribed with many lists. Of course, you have to keep them engaged with you otherwise you will make them unsubscribe from your list. What makes your subscribers want to unsubscribe from your list? When you deliver no value to your list, they will leave immediately. So, keep giving value to your subscribers.

4. Make the communication personal

Unless you’re promoting on behalf of a company, you should make your email messages personal to your subscribers. Remember, you’re dealing with people like you, and not company’s clients or something similar. In fact, they are people looking for tips and advices about their problem. So, be sure to make the communication personal for your subscribers.

5. Send email at least twice a week

When your subscribers didn’t hear from you for a long time, they will likely to forget about you. When you send them an email after a long time of vacuum, they will likely perceive your email as spam, like email from stranger or unknown person. So, make sure to send email at least twice a week to keep your name in their mind.

6. Be thankful to your subscribers

Remember to appreciate your subscribers for joining your list. They will be happy for it. If you appreciate them, they will appreciate you as well. So, every once in a while, send a grateful email to your subscribers, and tell them that you’re thankful for them. Additionally, you can send them free gift along with your grateful email.

7. Differentiate between content and promotion

If you want to promote, make it clear that it is a promotional email. Don’t mix content with promotion as most people don’t like this approach. A good strategy is to give your subscribers 75% content and 25% promotion, although it doesn’t mean that when you give them promotional email you are giving a sales pitch. When you’re giving content, make it pure content that your subscribers can appreciate.

Those are the rules of successful list building.

When you apply the rules above, you will be able to succeed in your email marketing campaign and your list will grow bigger and be more qualitative.

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