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We talk a lot about online work in our business circles here. And, if you saw the recent earnings numbers from Google, you’ll know that a lot of businesses are using Google’s (Adwords) paid advertising networks. Good for them.

But, many who are familiar with online work, don’t use offline as means to drive traffic and business. However, there are many ways you can drive offline marketing campaigns to online.

It’s used by top marketers today, and has been for a long time. You just didn’t know how.

Using a system like – you can find tons of information about your targeted audience before you do anything. Then, after spending smart time collecting data in research, you can contact list brokers and find out more about costs and how they work.

If you decide to send out mailers to your right audience, here are keys things to look at for a successful direct mail campaign.

You don’t have to be a copywriting expert. A little bit of common sense, watching what others are doing and testing into market segments will be a good way to go.

#1 Make it easy to respond

Make sure to include your website, phone, 800 number, etc

#2 No charge

Get SASE (self address stamped envelope) and business reply cards. Don’t charge them for a postage stamp. Make it easy once again.

#3 Visibility

When opening the envelope, make the letter the first thing they see. Make it logical and expected.

#4 Special offer

Grant them a “wish” – offer something like a gift, something they want – and make it pertinent to the offer

#4 Touchy/Feely

Make the envelope and the item unique – something they can touch, and that stands out. Lumpy mail is something you can/should test. (pens, trashcans, calendars, etc)

#5 Scarcity

This works online and off. A timed offer is important.

#6 Urgency

It’s amazing how well this works. Include it.

#7 Guarantees

Always include a guarantee – and stand behind it. Sometimes called risk-reversal. If they don’t know you (know,like,trust) – show them how much you care.

#8 Headline

Make sure to draw them in with a strong headline. Benefit driven. When writing the headline and reviewing — ask: “so what”?

#9 Simple

Simplicity. Do your research, and write to your audience in simple English, and how you would approach them in person. Don’t get stiff, boring and expected. Try to be different, but not  too much either. Finally, always add a P.S. in any promotional letter, online or off.

What do you think?


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