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Steven Jobs has taken a permanent leave of absence. Even though stock prices adjusted from the news, there appears to be nothing stopping Apples amazing growth curve.

In specific the Apple iPad.

Almost $10 billion in revenue for Apple in less than a year ain’t bad.

Insisting on state-of-the-art products and delivery of those is one of the success hallmarks of any business, and Mr. Jobs is more than superior about doing exactly that.

They sell themselves, practically.

Apple shipped 14.8 million iPads last year, generating $9.6 billion in revenue. Last quarter alone, it shipped 7.3 million iPads for $4.6 billion in sales.

Also of great interest is that Apple’s almost-27-year-old Mac business, which just put in its best quarter ever, generated $5.4 billion in revenue.

Apple is growing seriously fast. At $26.7 billion in sales last quarter, Apple still grew 71% year-over-year. How’s that for innovation and consistent¬†insistence¬†on superior products? (If they could just fix iTunes next… )

apple billion dollars revenue chart

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