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Yup, it’s sad. I lost my Apple iPhone. I’m pretty good with keeping tabs on technology for myself, but not this time. I have a transcription service, so at least I can get my messages directly to my inbox. And, I’ve upped my time on Skype bigtime – so it works right now.

However, I must buy a new phone. Several family members say Android is the way to go, but I have a preference for the iPhone myself. I just ‘like’ Apple products.

The choice of smart phone for many are varied, but one distinction is based on the “quality of connectivity” and knowing who, or what backbone networks service the mobile phone.  The major ones are Verizon wireless, AT&T, Sprint and of course, T-Mobile.

I’ll admit that the AT&T network for iPhone was not always good, dropped calls, etc. But, now – with the pending announcement (Tuesday) of Verizon & Apple (iPhone), I have no issue with the mobile networks – it just got better.

Let’s see how the competition heats up… but let me know what you think?

google android, iphone, verizon chart

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