When you follow the news media (radio, TV, newspapers, web) – you quickly get insights into how the media works, and at a disturbing level: bad news sells. (making their advertisers happy)

The declining economy, the gloomy numbers in unemployment, the sliding stock market and the overall pity of human mankind, etc, etc. When news sells, they make money. Negative news is more popular. But, it affects our own (brain) programming – we get affected by it.

How many times recently have you met and talked with neighbors, friends, family members and business associates who talk “death of the economy”, “not enough money”, “the government sucks” and “these are tough times”?

Is there another view?

We as humans are programmed by exterior factors from early age.

We are supported by our family infrastructure, but it doesn’t help that the media bombards us (literally) with messages of despair and demise. We actually end up believing it, and for many – starting trusting/hoping that social security and the government will help us.

Here’s what to do next.

Stop this negative thinking (it’s not your fault).

Start to think about how much prosperity, wealth and abundance really exists around you.

Change your outlook.

Think about yourself, and how you can create new wealth for yourself. It starts by asking better questions.

Do you think the money has disappeared? (I hope not.)

Here’s how the wealthy use their money during these “poor” times.

The affluent spending is really picking up, according to a recent USA Today study. And, they are going out with big, fat wallets. High-end marketers have picked up on this growing trend and many (expensive) offers exist – and are being bought.

Here are some examples of BIG money shifting hands:

  • PG-Bikes are selling at $80,000 (Black Trail)
  • Richard Mille watches are going for $525,000
  • Steinway has a John Lennon themes piano for $90,000 and up
  • Porsche sells a hybrid car, 918 Spyder, and it’s handsomely priced at $845,000
  • Prima Cinema is looking forward to the holidays with a $20,000 device to get you Hollywood films home the same day they appear in theaters

If the wealthy are buying, there’s a huge downstream effect: it goes all the way down to the $50,000 (annual income) household” – Jim Taylor (Selling to the New Elite)

There is tremendous optimism for the upcoming year, and even though negative news and the polarizing election moved minds in many different directions, the money is there.

Break free from the news media “telling you” what to think. Look at trend lines, not headlines!

What will you do this year to get some more? Tons of money in the economy waiting for your valued services.


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