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The goal of marketing is to find and then keep customers by creating a strong bond between you and them. It is so much more than just selling. It is more about developing a relationship with customers so that they want to do business with you again and again.

You identify your passion and then turn that passion into a business. A successful internet business simply cannot rely only on the old rules of marketing.
It takes much more than marketing hype to succeed online. Too many books on internet marketing only focus on the mechanics of marketing. Anyone can learn how to send an email for example.

But do you know how to send an email that will attract attention?

Anyone can try to market to the whole internet viewer population. But do you know that more success can be found in marketing to a niche market in the Long Tail?

In fact, too much internet marketing concentrates on forcing people to read or listen to information they don’t really want to know. Instead, marketing should reflect a passion for your business that draws in customers who voluntarily want to know more. Marketing should be creative and establish a bridge between the customer and your business and it should be a bridge the customer wants to cross!

Many of the marketing ideas discussed in this blog can be done with little or no money. That’s one of the magical features of the internet. You can broadcast your presence on the internet and drive traffic right to your website or blog. You can use a variety of marketing strategies and develop a long term relationship with customers.

Law of Attraction marketing is a fascinating foray into a world where people and technology mix in a way that leads to success. When you display your passion for your business and your passion for customer service, people will want to do business with you. They will be attracted to your business.

Here are some things you must learn & know:

  • What you are thinking will influence your ability to attract customers so always think positive thoughts
  • Positive thoughts and positive marketing efforts will lead to positive results
  • Believe without hesitation in your ability to succeed
  • Nothing in life is instantaneous and you must prevail in order to succeed
  • You can bring ‘luck’ into your life as easily as you can bring ‘bad luck’
  • Your internet marketing efforts should reflect your passion for honesty, truth and integrity
  • There is unlimited opportunity
  • It takes positive energy to keep things flowing in the right direction
  • You must be absolutely clear about you vision and goals
  • You must be adaptable and ready to embrace new technology, new ideas and new opportunities
  • Develop a personal brand and make sure that brand is reflected in everything you do

When you read about the common reasons internet businesses fail, the lists always include things like poor website design or failure to commit enough time to the business. But you seldom see anything that says “lack of passion for business.” Yet a lack of passion is precisely what leads to many failed businesses.

To prosper on the internet you need to:

Remember, the internet=serious business.
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  1. Attract and keep customers
  2. Develop multiple streams of income

Many of the old rules of marketing don’t apply to the internet. This is one of the most important concepts to grasp. In the old world of marketing, marketing was a one-way street with the business advertising to the consumer, and the consumer really having no way to respond.

Have times changed! Now marketing involves an intertwined blended set of tools and strategies that let the business owner and customers exchange information. This is powerful! Customers can tell you what they want and what makes them happy or even what upsets them. You can market to the exact type of customers you want to serve and deliver the products and services they want because they told you so!

You don’t have to do expensive market research either. You can take advantage of analytics, read customer comments on blogs, do online research, and find trends using things like keyword analysis tools.

Online marketing today is a mixture of marketing, public relations and customer service. Anyone who doesn’t grasp that fact is probably not going to last long in an internet business. You can’t just advertise one way to customers and expect them to rush to your website. You have to focus and mesh your marketing activities while maintaining your brand and reputation. You have to let your customers participate in your business!

To attract customers and keep customers you have to present them with solid reliable content in everything you do whether it’s a blog, website, article, e-zine, or email. What you include in your marketing material will be a reflection of you.

Be passionate about your business, your choices, your marketing and your ability to succeed. That is what Law of Attraction marketing is all about believing! It’s about believing in your vision, yourself, your abilities, your future and your success.

If you are trying to decide if internet marketing is something you want to get involved in then you have the entrepreneurial spirit lying in wait inside of you. Now you know how you can take an internet business and quickly take it to a whole new level.

The world of employment today is a very uncertain world. Every day the newspapers are full of stories about layoffs and downsizing. This is not something that is going to change either. Technology is replacing human labor at an astonishing rate.

There is another phenomenon occurring too. People are living longer and healthier lives. That means many older Americans need to supplement their income and want to continue working past the traditional retirement age. Unfortunately we live in a society that tends to push older workers out to make room for younger ones. The traditional workplace has not caught up with the changes in demographics.

The internet offers an opportunity to anyone willing to accept the challenge of being an entrepreneur. When you market your business in cyberspace, no one cares how old or young you are or what your current financial status may be. All customers care about is getting good service and quality products.

With all the wonderful new tools that are frequently being introduced, the internet gets easier to use all the time. At one time you had to know coding or programming to develop a website. Now you can buy inexpensive software that will walk you through the steps of website development. But even more important is that you can actually sell on the web without a website! For example, you can start a blog without a website.

What all this means is that there are no more excuses for not pursuing your own internet based business, a passion or even riches. When you doubt yourself, you kill your dreams. You talk yourself out of pursuing success. Remember the discussion on the fear of poverty? When you let nagging self doubt eat at your self-confidence then you will not have the positive power you need in your life to pursue your passion.

Negative thoughts can multiply just as easily as positive thoughts.

Bill Gates

Did you know there are many multimillionaires who never finished college? One of them is Bill Gates of Microsoft fame. His story is fascinating and is proves that the Law of Attraction works if you only pursue your passion.

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Bill Gates first became interested in computers when he was 13 years old. He attended Harvard University and that is where he developed BASIC for microcomputers, which is a programming code. Bill Gates was so passionate about computers he would stay in college. Instead he dropped out and started Microsoft. The rest is history.

The fact to understand about Bill Gates is that he was completely focused on what he wanted to pursue. He was not going to let anything stop him either including Harvard University. Instead he followed his passion and kept his eye on his vision. Gates vision was this: a desktop computer on every work and home desk. To make the vision a reality would require personal computing software to be developed and that’s exactly what he did.

There are other multi-millionaires who have equally fascinating stories and no college degrees. You will probably be surprised at some of the names: Michael Dell (Dell Computer); Steve Jobs (Apple Computer); Peter Jennings (ABC News); Walter Cronkite (CBS News); Ralph Lauren (Fashion Designer) and Thomas Monaghan (Domino’s Pizza).

Some of the most successful people in the world simply had a vision that they would not let go of. Think about all the people you know that have said, “I wish I had…” It’s really somewhat sad because these are people who had a dream and chose not to follow it for whatever reason. Fortunately, the internet has made starting a business affordable and convenient.

The brain is your most powerful tool of all. Psychologists will tell you that the unconscious mind controls thinking and then behavior. If someone has a positive mindset about your business then there will be positive thinking followed by positive behaviors. Positive behavior would include buying something from your company, and isn’t that exactly what you want?

When a person has a positive mindset then the buying process creates good memories and good feelings That reinforces the positive mindset and eventually the customer will buy from you again to experience those positive feelings again. The Law of Attraction works both ways. It works from you to the customer and from the customer to you.

No one can hold you back if you don’t want to be held back! This is true no matter what your circumstances may be.

One of the principles of the Law of Attraction is that positive thinking will attract opportunities.

People start internet businesses for a number of reasons:

  • Supplement income
  • Replacement income
  • Share unique skills or expertise
  • To work at home
  • To meet lifestyle needs

No matter what your reason may be, the fact is that you can take advantage of opportunity by sitting at your computer desk at home.

Napoleon Hill

When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich he couldn’t have possibly envisioned the creation of the internet. But he did understand the entrepreneur. He researched men of this time who had accumulated great wealth and looked for common factors among them.

American self-help writer Napoleon Hill (1883-...
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He then came up with a list of 13 factors:

  • Have the desire to succeed
  • Visualize and believe in your ability to attain that desire
  • Use positive thinking to influence the subconscious mind
  • Use specialized knowledge to bring about success
  • Use the imagination
  • Implement organized planning
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Be persistent
  • Use your mind to stay motivated
  • Stimuli will provoke the creative mind
  • Use the power of the subconscious mind
  • Let the thoughts in your brain attract success
  • Let wisdom prevail

I hope you turn up your passion for next year, and think about the principles that drive your marketing – beyond just tech tools.


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