It bloomed out of a garage by two programming geeks in California.

They didn’t know how they were going to make money from it. But, they saw the future.

The web needed to be organized and the existing search engines weren’t cutting it.

Soon… searchers began to notice the difference too. Google was faster and more relevant than the competition.

One-by-one the once heavy favorites to win the search race fell by the wayside… Alta-vista, Lycos, and even the well-funded Yahoo and MSN.

“Google” became a verb. How did it happen?

Out of Nowhere.

No one saw them coming. And no one foretold how they would monetize their product.

But Google soon realized they were sitting on a goldmine.

Alongside every search was an opportunity… to not just show ads from whoever paid the most. But reward advertisers who provided relevant products searchers clamored for.

Big Business.

Revenue soared. Google quickly extended their network on websites across the web.

What this story reveals is that time and time again Google has shown it is miles ahead of the pack. They predict future trends and act on them.

Now… they’re quickly moving to dominate the next frontier, the world of mobile devices.

In fact… just recently Google’s mobile Android platform quietly overtook the iPhone and Blackberry with 31% of U.S. market share.

Why the Google Ad Network?

Today, when I talk to many marketers about Google, most just don’t understand its potential for rapid profit. They use the search network, but overlook the other side… the display network where a majority of the traffic lies.

This is a costly mistake.

Not only because you’re missing out on a profitable stream of new leads. But, when you’re not using Google to reach your customers… someone else is.

Customers that should be yours go to your competition. They thrive, while you’re left to find leads elsewhere.

However, for the advertiser who does conquer Google, great fortunes are built in as little as days or months.

I’ve seen it with my own clients where with only paid Google traffic …

    … a new product is launched and, in weeks, goes from zero to hundreds of thousand in profit…

    … a small business owner goes from struggling to having more business than he can handle…

    … and an overwhelmed entrepreneur generates high-caliber clients so he can charge more money for his services.

Google takes in billions from their ad network. But, their cut is just a tiny fraction of the amount of profits generated in total by the advertisers who use it.

Inside AM Khan’s Korner (Ed Note: New feature, see below), I am going to show you how to tap into this wealth. We’re not just going to talk about short term “Nuts and bolts” to reduce your costs per lead and make sure you pass Google’s quality guidelines with flying colors… but build a long-term sustainable business.

It doesn’t matter what you ad budget is. There is an abundance of low-cost leads for smart advertisers in virtually every market under the sun. What’s more, you can get your first campaign started in minutes with virtually no upfront investment.

AM Khan - Adwords Manager - Khans Korner

Simply put, Google is the future. They’ve taken over search, built a giant display network, and now they’re moving onto mobile.

I look forward to showing you how to become a chief beneficiary of this change whether you run a local business, a major corporation, an online service provider, or are simply an affiliate marketer who promotes other people’s products for profit.

About AM Khan

(Our New Featured Small Business Paid Advertising Expert and Author. Expect posts every other Monday in Khans Korner)
For the last 9+ years I have been an AdWords manager for clients ranging from local doctors… all the way up to public companies with million dollar a month budgets. I also run a successful blog ( and develop software for PPC advertisers (such as,


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