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When creating business assets online, the corporate website itself sits as a master hub to (pretty much) everything.

It’s the “money” site, and most everything goes through it.

Branding, lead generation, information sharing, document repositories, custom landing pages, shopping cart, specialized application access for employees and much more.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the website is not only crucial for business success, but much discussed internally and externally. I have (sadly) witnessed hundreds of thousand of dollars spent on websites with little fore-thought to Search Engine Optimization – only to have to revisit and completely rewrite sections later. Education is key!

As you build new websites in 2011, what can you learn from others gone before you?

Since the corporation is highly focused on their website, it’s no wonder that the optimization, design, development and management is considered important, but also highly effective when done right.

In their 2011 B2B Benchmark report, MarketingSherpa reveals insights to organization’s website effectiveness and how they manage it.

Respondents were asked a series of questions about their websites.

1) How do you manage your website design, management and optimization?

2011 website outsourcing and management

Since both the management and creation of a website is highly specialized, it’s not a surprise that much is outsourced.

2) What is the level of effectiveness of your website for your organization?

website design effectiveness 2011

Since the website is the main channel or hub of the organization, no surprise that they rate the website as highly effective in terms of returns overall. (Note: Personally, I see 9 out of 10 sites that are not optimized well, and had no/little consideration of SEO when it was built. Lots of time and dollars wasted here).

3) What website optimization tactics were the most effective?

website optimzation tactics 2011

Optimizing targeted pages and content for SEO is listed as highly effective. No disagreement there.

However, I see lots of firms missing the boat on this one – either not doing it at all, or outsourcing landing page design to just make it look pretty. Little consideration to sales/marketing copy writing and strategically aligning business goals and marketing.

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How will you change in 2011 – to make your website perform even better?


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