no marketing budget

Help! I Need Leads But I Have No Marketing Budget (VIDEO For Beginner Marketers)

ATTENTION: NEW BUSINESS OWNERS & MARKETERS: We all had to start somewhere when launching our business. Most of us were not born into a situation where money for marketing was just handed out. 🙂 You had to learn, earn and invest what you could. Today, online there are some great strategies that can help you be…

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how to get more traffic with affiliate tracking software

How To Get More Traffic With Affiliate Tracking Software

…a.k.a. “How do you Make More Money Immediately?” In the world of online business, there is nothing more wanted, needed and discussed than…TRAFFIC. Professional marketers know however, that there are differences in traffic driving strategies. I don’t mean the various channels and options for getting traffic (that’s easy) – but the more exclusive and tougher kind…

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weird seo keyword research tools

Weird SEO Keyword Research Tools

SEO Keyword research is still very much central to success with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and getting targeted traffic for your website. While Google Search is continually changing and becoming more ‘topical’ based, keywords (content) and links (quality) still rule the day. This is true now, and will continue to be. Getting more traffic to…

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how to get more traffic from youtube now

How To Get More SEO Traffic From YouTube Videos

YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube has more than 1 billion users globally, and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. To help your creative process, learn more from the YouTube Playbook at Add to this the additional Google YouTube partner programs, the monetization strategies…

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how to write and create a book this weekend

How To Write And Create A Book This Weekend

[AUDIO VERSION] Listen to the podcast anywhere. Click to listen now. Nothing says “authority” more than a published book. The word “author” is a prefix to authority!  That’s one of many embedded reasons that people and businesses look up to, respect and engage with a published author. You are by default a ‘trusted expert’. Today,…

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6 Easy Ways to Determine and Fix a Google Penalty For Your SEO

If Google search traffic on your site suddenly drops you may have fallen victim to the dreaded Google penalty. Webmasters know the frustration and pain of finding their numbers drop and trying to figure out what has happened. Many times this is caused by a change in Google’s algorithmic updates, especially if there are several…

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how to write ads that work for facebook

How To Write Ads That Work For The Facebook Ads Platform

Using the Facebook advertising platform is pretty straight-forward. You set up the account, create an ad campaign and type, upload an image, write some text, set your targets, location & budget and… off you go. Then, sit back, wait and hope. That’s how thousands of advertisers start out. But, they quickly discover that while Facebook…

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how to build more traffic from social media

How To Build More Traffic From Social Media

Creating content that your audience wants and is looking for is one of the most important places to begin your social media marketing strategy. Without quality content (video, audio, text, images, etc) that you create and share, you will not maximize the potential results with social media. Sure, you can share other people’s content, you…

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how to sell more products online

How To Sell More Products Online (B2B)

An article from the Harvard Business Review stated that it’s time to “rethink the 4 P’s of marketing”. We’ll cover what Richard Ettenson (Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management) suggested to help B2B (and B2C) firms sell more. You can watch the “How To Sell More Products Online” on Youtube: [cleveryoutube video=”EYbHSFwGfOc” vidstyle=”1″ pic=””…

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7 Tips To Increase Web Traffic To Your Financial Advisor Business

When financial service firms, advisors and financial planners build websites, the focus is on university degrees, certifications and their personal background – and not how to bring in more web traffic. There is a quiet assumption that SEO (search engine optimization) is not important because people will automatically know the company by name and reputation. Nothing could be further from…

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