Sales Killers: The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

Killing your sales. Not something anybody wants. However, based on experience, and what I’ve seen these are very common. Whether you have generally struggled to make sales or you run into a snafu only once in awhile, chances are that you would like to increase your success stories. In order to do so, you must…

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how to sell more products online

How To Sell More Products Online (B2B)

An article from the Harvard Business Review stated that it’s time to “rethink the 4 P’s of marketing”. We’ll cover what Richard Ettenson (Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management) suggested to help B2B (and B2C) firms sell more. You can watch the “How To Sell More Products Online” on Youtube: [cleveryoutube video=”EYbHSFwGfOc” vidstyle=”1″ pic=””…

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9 Reasons People Will Never Buy From Your Online Landing Page (a.k.a. Stop Doing What Is Not Working)

No matter what your background, sales and marketing will be the MOST important skills you can learn in your career. And, it doesn’t matter what personality type you are. You might be a creative person, a technical person, an introvert, extrovert and everything in-between. It doesn’t matter. The EXCITING truth: we are all born into…

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Hate Selling? Need A Sales Course? Instant Work Sales Training Video (THE WORST YET)

Mention the word “sales” and most people quickly form a nasty frown on their face. Or at least – they go silent – and shy away from the discussion. “I hate salespeople”, they say. It’s the old “sleazy car salesman” picture that comes to mind. It’s about being cold called. It’s about being pitched something…

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The # 1 Sales Strategy (Infographic) For Online Selling

Most everybody in the industry agrees that people purchase (anything) based on a human emotion. Then, we justify it with logic. We also know that there is an explicit difference between what we need versus what we want. We need air, food, shelter. But, we don’t need a new BMW or the latest fashion. But,…

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How To Sell In Social Media – The REAL Sales Secret (video)

Selling your products and services (and your brand) using social media is really very straight forward… … when you know the #1 thing that actually works. I often get questions or comments like these: “Jon, I think social media doesn’t work. Not for me or us, anyway. Well, because I’ve tried, and it’s been months, and…

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How To Manage Sales Teams As An Accidental Sales Manager (Interview)

I was lucky enough to get sales management guru Suzanne M. Paling on an exclusive interview recently. She explains with great detail the ins-and-outs of managing sales teams, whether it is a one-person team, or much larger groups. And, she reveals some of the biggest mistakes that top level executives make in trying to find,…

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Does Your Business Card Have an Erection? Think again.

In today’s age – do you think having a business card will help or hurt (meaning, ‘no impact) your business networking and sales opportunities? In the last month, how many business cards have you received that went straight into the waste basket? And, how many business cards you gave ended up receiving email in return?…

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How To Create An Abundance Of Sales

For any (small) business, the steady pursuit of leads and opportunities to build their sales pipeline is top of mind for the owners and employees. The concern varies of course. Employees with a steady paycheck may not see the sales and marketing activities, or understand what the management team is doing in that area. But,…

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