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With Facebook reaching higher traffic numbers than Google, and with users nearing 600 million worldwide, you have a huge platform to share your message. Add the amazingly detailed demographics and geographic targeting options and competitive bidding, you have a people platform that cannot be ignored.

Here are some tips to use Facebook advertising to its full potential.


Facebook ads are a relatively unexplored outlet for advertisers who want to reach an audience that is nearly endless.


To take full advantage of the potential these ads have to offer, you need to plan your campaigns with care, adhere to the rules laid out by Facebook and be willing to carefully tweak your efforts to gain maximum results.

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On Steroids.

Think about these ways that Facebook can help your business, both short-and-long term:

  • Save money on your advertising costs
  • Reach an audience that is estimated to be closer to 600 million and growing (you want to limit the exposure by targeting into niches)
  • Target your efforts down a specific city, age of viewer and set niche interest if you so desire to produce highly qualified incoming traffic
  • Set bids that truly fit in with your budget and actually see results
  • Test for results – things like CPC bidding, traffic and conversion
  • Develop relationships with your customers through fan pages that enable you to reach out and directly communicate with them
  • International exposure
  • Mobile (local) exposure
  • Generate word-of-mouth advertising that can really supercharge your overall marketing efforts
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Gain the exposure you’re after – become “famous”

When Facebook is your desired advertising platform, the potential is virtually endless.

Follow the site’s rules and take the time to gauge what works with your ads and what doesn’t. Make necessary adjustments along the way and exercise a little patience.

Once you learn how to harness the power Facebook has to offer, your click through rate is likely to go through the roof and put Google to shame in the process (but don’t forget Google, and now Microsoft Adcenter, also serving for Yahoo). Test everything. Think multiple marketing campaigns.

Remember there is no set formula for making Facebook pay off for any particular niche or demographic. Sometimes it will take a little trial and error to see the results you are after. Since this arena is largely unexplored, it offers you a world of potential to advertise your products, services or causes no matter what they are.

Have you tried Facebook Ads lately?

And – has the new Facebook profile system affected you yet? In which way?


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