Frank Kern Internet MarketingWhen it comes to internet marketing for information marketers (speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, authors, solopreneurs, small business owners focused on digital media) there are only a few people that are considered leaders in the space.

Mr. Frank Kern is the best of the best.

I had a chance to meet with Dr. Frank Kern (as he likes to call himself) recently, and I was lucky to get some of the insiders secrets to not only savvy marketing and copy-writing (he’s one of the highest paid in the industry) techniques, but the very important strategies and thought-processes that you must go through before launching any marketing program.

With so much hype on the internet, it more than refreshing to see that the foundational stuff works.

Don’t get caught up in the next shiny object madness. Start with the basics — that you may have forgotten along the way.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Read what Frank says about it, and how to break through in your own business.

Frank makes this stuff look so easy.

And, guess what! I have figured out how that is…. ready for it…. it’s ….. RESEARCH & PLANNING!

He thinks about “this stuff” all the time, but applies not only math to figuring out the marketing puzzle, but actually plans everything out with the end-in-mind. Then, following through – with careful detail, from workflow maps to conversion, traffic and mindset strategies — a simple formula appears.

This formula is the key. However, nothing is perfect, and must be tested. He’s no different than all of us.

How many of you would be willing to spend weeks or months before deploying a marketing tactic?  Shooting from the hip doesn’t work, and having too many options (read: balls in the air) and strategies can be a serious detriment to your success. Focus!

These are the top 10 money getting tips that you can use – starting today – to increase your business revenues (and profits) in a short time.

Frank Kern says they work. Make sure you view the video at the bottom of this post – where her talks to Tony Robbins.

Frank says: (paraphrased in places)Frank Kern Internet Marketing Business Formula

  1. Iʼm so damn tired of these dip-shits on the news talking about how thereʼs “no money” that Iʼm ready so shoot the T.V. 90% of journalists and news anchors donʼt make shit for money.  They are broke. And a sure fire way to go broke is to take financial advice from broke people.I, however, am not broke. Not even close.
  2. Getting more customers is only the tip of the iceberg to making more money. Sell more stuff to existing customers is easier. And easier still – increase frequency of purchase to existing customers.
  3. 90 percent of us focus 90 percent of our efforts doing the hardest stuff possible. For example, to create more (targeted) traffic, look to “new” channels like Bing, Google image ads, newsletter ads (solo-ads), co-op on “thank you pages”. Have you heard of the Bing Slap? No, didn’t think so.
  4. It’s the offer stupid (a Dan Kennedy original). Instead of selling an eBook for $47 dollars – you might want to offer a physical version of your package for $9 dollars shipping and handling plus three easy payments of $30 dollars.
  5. Most order forms absolutely suck. They don’t restate your guarantee. They don’t restate your bonuses. And they donʼt SELL.
  6. Your bonus. Increase conversion easily by simply offering more bonuses. I call this ”bonus stacking”, or “stacking” the cool. Don’t offer worthless bonuses that suck, however.
  7. Increase conversions (ie. make more money) by having down-sells available when people exit the page. There are plenty of exit popup scripts you can offer that say, “Hey wait, would you like to try the cheaper version?”
  8. Increase the frequency of your offers.
  9. Increase the size of the transaction. Get more money from that first batch of sales by simply charging more.
  10. Create a back-end product that compliments your front end product.

(The picture at the top is Frank and myself at an event he hosted with my SEO book).

Finally, watch a cool interview from Tony Robbins and Frank Kern


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