In a previous marketing training video, I outlined the principles to creating an effective, no budget lead-generating marketing system. This was focused on small businesses owners that have little to no money for marketing.  Thanks for all your emails and sharing it on the social web.

One of the questions that came in was around “how do I structure a lead capture page?”

Here then, is the “anatomy of a money landing page” – and with a FREE PDF download for the complete picture. (click the picture for full view, download the pdf below.

Watch this video for the detailed breakdown of the 4 elements you need to have in place for your landing page.

Download the FREE landing page mockup (PDF format). Print it out, and work on these elements below.

Steps 1 – 4:

  1. A unique landing page web address for your page, not the home page, typically.
  2. Video or text talking about your audience pain points and solution options (and why they should opt-in). Create a compelling, magnetic headline.
  3. Add the lead capture form (name, email, submit button) – consider tools like, (free trials)
  4. Make the landing page Google friendly (and allow your users to find out more about you too): add ‘utility’ links at the bottom/footer

That’s it! Easy & powerful.

Here’s the previous training video on no-budget marketing for leads.

If you need more web traffic, visit the “31 ways to generate traffic” (


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