The word planning is built deep into our personal and business lives – and our society. Even from before birth, when you were ‘planned’ by your parents 🙂

Building a plan for your business with steps to reach the goals are a must. However, we all get busy and try to avoid lengthy and potentially boring business planning meetings. It sometimes may just feel too overwhelming, it brings up the realism of all the work you have to do. You may be the one person that ends up late in the office with all the work. So, you don’t challenge yourself, and fall back to “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

Instead, how about creating a process that makes sure you and your team gets all the necessary things checked off, very fast — and with a plan that you can follow? And, without the normal drudgery of ‘business planning’?

You can do that, and your team will love it too.

“Go out and buy yourself a five-cent pencil and a ten-cent
notebook and begin to write down some million dollar ideas for
yourself.” – B. Grinde

How to create a business planning process in one hour

Watch the video on how to create a one-hour business planning process

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The plan outlined here may surprise you at first. If you are used to sitting in day long meetings, this will be a refreshing new way to look at your planning.

Here is the basic idea:

STEP 1: (25 minutes)
Where we want our team/business to go?

STEP 2: (10 minutes)
Where are we right now?

STEP 3: (25 minutes)
How will we get from here to there?

Almost too simple. But, it does work.

Do you think it could it work for your organization?

Most planning processes are too complicated to be of much use in the real world. A better approach is to set aside one hour for developing your business growth plan and the strategy you want to use.

On a single sheet of paper, you want to answer the only three questions that count when it comes to planning growth in any endeavor:

3 Questions You Must Ask For Business Growth planning:

  1. Where do you want to go?
  2. Where are you now?
  3. How will you get from here to there?

Once you learn how to run a 1-hour planning session and produce a 1-page plan for growth, you’re then equipped with everything you need to take your business to the next level again and again.

The process is breathtakingly simple.

You can learn more here. (Joe Calhoon)


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