When a small business starts to see growth, a common challenge is how to manage that growth. And, especially when it comes to human resources.

Hiring new staff must consider not only the talent – the skills, background and unique experience to fit that business. But, also the cost … the term “overhead” comes up.

And, when running the financials with a new, salaried employee, the math doesn’t always work, and the risk grows.

Questions you may be asking:virtual assistant

  • What if I cannot attract clients at the same rate?
  • What if my best clients drop off for reasons unknown to me?
  • How can I sustain this extra “load”?
  • I will not be able to keep employees, and certainly not these new hires. Oh, my…what should I do?

You start freaking out. And, losing sleep is the last thing you need when growing your successful business.

What to do?

Look to get help using a virtual personal assistant – it can be a great option. If you are small, hire a person to help you with all the “mundane” tasks so you can REALLY grow your biz.

A regular, salaried person that may or may not work out is another problem to deal with. There are labor laws, contracts and regulations to contend with.

Every region and job area is different, but clearly – if you have a limited staff to deal with Human Resources issues, it’s another head ache you may have just attracted.

Why not try out a virtual assistant – starting as low as $4-8 dollars an hour?
You don’t have to commit much time or money if you find the right person, or company that can help you with this.

Here are some virtual assistants websites I’ve used/using. Take a look:

  1. Odesk.com – easy to track their work, and you can test them out for low cost (they even have recruiters than can help you in your search)
  2. eLance.com – another favorite
  3. Guru.com – some swear by this one, I have not used it as much
  4. AgentsofValue.com – seem to get good reports
  5. Workaholics4Hire.com – very popular as well
  6. TasksEveryday.com – pretty good too
  7. Easyvirtualassistant.com – have not tried them
  8. Freelancer.com (getafreelancer) – great for building software and building websites
  9. Rentacoder.com – software, web tools, websites (merged with freelancer)
  10. 123Employee.com – new to these guys, but get good reviews

Have you tried any of these? What has been your experience?


Industry friend Timothy Ferriss recommends https://www.asksunday.com/ – they are very professional, but not for SEO.  And, finally, craigslist is always open!

photo credit: Maria & Michal P.


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