I’m often asked: “Jon, what’s the best way to improve my online business growth”?

While we like to think big and get excited about the potential that exists by leveraging the Internet for our business, you must consider and understand the basics first.

Understand the basics first.

What actually works on the web as a general rule and what levers should we use first? What is it that uniquely will help your business? (it’s not the latest “hot tool”!)

I like to answer this by first doing a discovery of the business, the marketplace and understand what is currently working (and what you may have tried in the past – that didn’t work).

We need to get clarity on this: Where are you today and where do you want to go?

Then, we look at the steps (milestones) to get there, while starting small. We break these projects into distinct chunks. We don’t try to do too much, too fast – and ESPECIALLY not without knowing your numbers (web/sales metrics). And, we test continually as we progress.

The formula is pretty straight-forward.

You need more traffic, a great offer and high converting landing pages. If you have good traffic (relevant is key) and an offer that people respond to, you can do a lot better by just tweaking a few things in your conversion funnel. Building out your marketing and sales backend using Email Marketing and landing pages (built with tools like OptimizePress and LeadPages) are necessary.

In today’s podcast entry (from a Live Google Hangout recently) – I break down the steps to a high conversion and share that presentation with you.


…explaining how to create landing pages that convert, and that you can test quickly:

Click here to listen to the “How To Create High Conversion Landing Pages“.



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