Before you plan or create any special page (squeeze page, landing page) for your traffic/visitors, we need to take a few steps back. It’s important to understand the “landscape” of your marketing and your situation first. While the rules for high converting landing pages apply in *any* industry online, the mindset about how to create them is vitally important.

There are only 3 things you need to get “right” to become successful online.

That means that you, the entrepreneur, the business owner or online marketer can relax – and not worry about all the different tools, tactics or high-tech options that promise to change your world overnight.

A structured plan, a process of research, execution and connections in your marketplace is all you need to get started.

The 3-part Online Success Formula:


  1. Qualified traffic
  2. A compelling offer
  3. High conversions (sales) and relationship-building

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your conversions (#3), jump on a LIVE webcast where I break this down. You can do this yourself in under 20 minutes, even with some light planning.

Depending on where you are in the the journey of building your campaigns, I’ll try to help you – starting with one of the most important ones.

Figuring out the conversion (#3) and offer (#2) strategies are where you should start your planning. Adding some keywords and content to your SEO work, emailing (random) people and pushing out (poorly researched) ads on Google, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin for example – is a COMPLETE waste of time. Without the back-end funnel and goals researched and established, you’ll not be successful.

And yes, all this needs to be tested continually, but you should already know and understand your marketplace and what they want before adding a traffic tactic. If you are already driving traffic to your pages, this post will help you move the needle even further.

“Should I have a blog for traffic and conversions?”


I say, “NO!”…wrong question…until…

…you’ve figured out what you want to say, who are you saying it to, and why you are saying it/doing it.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is your end result or goal? (short term: posts/intention, long term: blog brand and exit strategies)
  • How does this help your community and build your credibility and authority?
  • Will anybody listen to you? Why would they care?
  • What marketing (outbound) strategies have you planned?
  • Do you know where to start? (are you brand new to this?)
  • Do you have an email list? How ‘warm’ is it? Is it ‘segmented’?
  • Do you have a network or partners that you could tap into to help you launch? Who are some of the key influencers in your industry? Do they have a blog?
  • Do you have a “content calendar” and “content themes” researched and ready for what might be useful and helpful information to your “people”?

What to do next: Let’s start simple (yeah, baby-steps)


Forget all the noise for now. DO THIS:

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Let me show you how to plan, create a landing page with a compelling offer (we’ll spend less time on this one for now), and boost your conversion rates – starting at 30%, at least… And, you don’t need a ‘tech’ person to help you, either.

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