The direction of change to seek is not in our four dimensions: it is getting deeper into what you are, where you are, like turning up the volume on the amplifier. -Thaddeus Golas, author

If you can make money selling products or services, that’s awesome.

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But if you can get more than one income stream flowing, that’s even better. In fact, you may think of it as “backup” plans for when the master plan doesn’t work out (most businesses fail in the first 4 years). It can become your cushion, and exactly what you need to start again. Multiple income streams are good, and you know what stock brokers do, right? Multiple, diversified portfolios is recommended.

How can you make a simple change in how you use words to help you change your marketing strategies for profits?

We talked about how marketing, public relations and customer service are all rolled into one package now. Well you can form that package so that you generate income in multiple ways.

The goal is to get you thinking in terms of making money in several ways as opposed to the traditional make-a-sale-one-at-a-time approach. One income stream is so old hat you wouldn’t believe it. And yet that is how many people tend to approach internet marketing.

It’s called ‘or’ thinking.

It goes like this: I will sell auction items on eBay or I will start a website or sell products or I will promote an e-book on a blog or… You get the idea.

Change to the ‘and’ word.

Now here is how attraction marketing works: I will start a website and start a blog that is linked to my website and open an EBay store that links to my website also and join an affiliate program and create a joint venture and make my Twitter and Facebook updates happen automatically.

If you want to succeed and earn more money than you thought possible, it is important to leverage the internet income producing tools.

Don’t be an ‘or’ marketer. Be an ‘and’ marketer! Attract as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. That’s how you take advantage of the full power of the internet. (Of course, develop out a plan, and don’t try to do everything at once.  Pace yourself, and have fun).


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