Ideas for a "different" business slogan

Do you need to create a new slogan for your business?

Here is how to create an “Aphrodisiac Business Slogan”

A great business slogan is one that elicits a desired response from your ideal customer, nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

In just a few words your businesses slogan should invoke a specific audience to perform a specific action or feel a certain way.

Here the 3 questions to consider when constructing that perfect slogan…

  1. Who is your niche?
  2. What do I want them to do?
  3. What is special about what I am offering?

Let’s consider the preceding questions in more detail in order to change any businesses slogan into an

Who is your niche?

Consider the niche that you are aiming to market towards, they are your market,
and they are your intended audience. Things to consider about your target niche audience are their
age-range, culture, what they most want, and what they most fear. Based on everything that you
know about your target audience consider what they would most interest them about your product or

For example: Let’s pretend that you want to sell mouse traps that are a little more expensive
than the regular style of mouse trap, because they are specially designed to trap mice without
hurting them.

Therefore, your target audience can probably be defined as ‘people with a mice
infestation problem who prefer to get rid of the mice without killing them.’ The higher price
of the mousetrap also requires that the customer will be able to pay for it, therefore the target
niche are people that do have some extra money to spend. Also people in your niche have a
sense of conscience, and are willing to make an extra effort to do what makes them feel that
they did the right thing, namely not killing mice.

What do I want them to do?

Consider how your slogan will reach your intended audience. Are you
expecting them to see the slogan for the first time on the packaging of your product while shopping at
a store, or are they more likely to learn about your services while surfing the internet? Things that you
may want your audience to do could include any of the following examples:

• Purchase the product off of the shelf

• Sign up for your newsletter on the internet

• Recognize and have a positive feeling about your name brand

For example: Continuing with our mouse trap example, most people who buy mouse traps do not
seek a particular brand, and therefore all that you may need to convince them to do is to choose your brand over another brand while they are shopping in the store. Given that your brand is more expensive, you need to tell them why they should pay the extra money for what you are offering.

What is special about what I am offering?

The ideal slogan should publicize one significant thing that
you can offer the audience, which makes whatever you are offering stand out from all others. Likewise,
whatever the slogan offers should illustrate the true benefit to the purchaser.

For example: Although our mousetrap slogan might state that it is a “Great Quality Mousetrap,”
that won’t necessarily inspire your audience to pay extra for your brand. Rather, having the
slogan point out the true benefit of the mousetrap to the potential customer would be much
more compelling. In this case taking a humanitarian approach or presenting an emotional
appeal would be more convincing.

Here are some possible examples of slogans for a humane mousetrap company…

  • “The More Humane Way to Catch a Mouse”
  • “Making Life Better for Humankind- and Mousekind”
  • “No Guts- Glory”

Okay that last one might be a little too gross, but you get the point. Good luck creating
your “aphrodisiac business slogan.“

Author Bio:
Scott Hersh is a business blogger for the official blog of BCA: leaders in merchant cash


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