Beautiful Blonde Girls Who Like TwitterTwitter is a powerful tool when used right. In fact, social media is a great way to get your messages and overall visibility out there, if done right.

Twitter, which started as a “silly little” internal messaging tool at a small startup company is now used world-wide. Some love it, cannot live without it – others, uh – not so much.

However, do not discount this “underdog” social media platform. Learn how to set up Twitter, and make sure to following along, take notes – to create more effective tweets for your business.

Who would have ever thought Twitter (micro-blogging) and 140 characters could change the way we interact online? (shhh… don’t ask the founders this)

However, in our fast paced information rich world, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

The notion of status updates is familiar to most of us, and Facebook adapted it as well. There are many ways to use Twitter, and many do it wrong. (read: spam, not interesting, not helpful)

Tweeting is seemingly simple, but the more you begin to work with Twitter, the more you can see how effective tweets are created. Twitter only allows short entries in which to post thoughts, links, photos, and other information.

There’s not a lot of room for text, so you need to use the space as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

One of the rules of twitter social media management is that the news you are sharing needs to be exciting and informative, possibly news-breaking. Otherwise, this news isn’t going to be shared by anyone else but you.

Clearly, you want to build a follower list that is interested in what you have to say, but also matches their targets.

Include words and sentences which help your audience as much as possible, and that can easily find you when using the powerful Twitter search.

How can you use Twitter to build out for your clients or yourself?

Here are key tips for effective tweets:

  • One idea per tweet
    Since you don’t have a lot of tweet input space, you need to stick to just one idea per tweet, maybe two if they’re short.
  • Use keywords
    If your client is involved in baseball, then ‘baseball’ should be a part of as many tweets as possible. This way, those who have their Twitter search setup will be able to see your client more often in relation to the subject they care about. Make a list of ten keywords each week that you want to include in tweets during that period. These keywords can include words which are related to projects the client is doing that month or in the near future. And, as usual, track your links and tweets, and see what works best.
  • Create short tweets
    You will want to create tweets that are less than 140 characters whenever possible. This will allow the tweet to be retweeted  without making the retweeter have to condense the information and make it less effective. And, don’t be afraid to ask for an RT, either.
  • Limit specific marketing
    Though you are being hired on to market for your client, sometimes promoting the same links again and again can backfire. Twitter accounts are meant to be conversation starters, not just running advertisements. Focus on marketing a few times a day, but create a personality and talk about “them” the rest of the time. Some tweet-pros will use the 90/10 rule. 90% about “them”, 10% about “you”. (specially in the beginning)
  • Use Google search / Google Reader
    Since you want to tweet things that people actually want to read, it can help to use other internet tools to help you find things to say. Once you’ve learned what keywords fit best with your client, add them into Google Alerts. You will get a list every day of links which are talking about these keywords. Choose the links which sound the most appropriate, read the articles, and then post them on Twitter to share them. Also, search in technorati and Google blogsearch to find RSS feeds that you can use in Google Reader
  • Be conversational (and a little bit interesting)
    Ideally, others should not only want to pass on the tweets they read from you or the client, but they should also want to answer. This will establish rapport among the followers, helping to boost numbers and to begin to create a larger reputation for the client. Use Hootsuite as a key Twitter Power Tool.
  • Be current and pass the love
    If you’re not up to date on the current conversations or events in the world, the tweets are going to look out of date and manufactured. (Even if the tweets are created ahead of time, make sure that you comment on current events.) Make sure to share the love, it’s a “give to gain” model. It can be hard at first, but you’ll quickly see what works (and not).

As you continue to tweet, it’s also a good idea to keep track of the tweets which garner the most responses. You can look in the @(your client’s name) links and at the Retweeted links to see what has been passed around the Twitterverse.

And, make sure you connect/learn from quality members of the community. Check their twitter quality ranking with a tool like


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