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How often do you hear of something being easy, cheap or fast when it comes to driving traffic to your website?

In this quick blog post, you’ll learn a couple of steps to get exactly that.

And, you will be in control of the traffic. You can turn the web traffic on and off at will.

While this should be used as a normal marketing activity and be tested – it can help you not only with traffic, but qualify pages for best possible conversion and lead generation. This can be used across many marketing campaigns, including SEO.

How do you do it?

You are probably already thinking that this involves money, and you are right.

But, not what you normally associate with paid marketing. Hundreds or thousands of dollars per month is not what we are talking about. Most of it is either free or very cheap.

A big budget is not doable for a business starting out, or a small business that has not allocated enough money for marketing.

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STEP 1 – Voucher it

Search for vouchers. Load up your favorite search engine (Google) – and start with¬† ‘ppc vouchers’ into the search box. Variations may include the month, the year, and fully spelled out (pay per click). Try adwords vouchers, and additional variations. You’ll find $50 dollars vouchers for new customers at Google direct: https://www.google.com/appserve/fb/forms/auonline/

STEP 2 – Stumble it

For this example, you need to provide some valuable page, not just a home page to your business with a bunch of sales messaging on it. It could be a special report, something funny, controversial, or just interesting information presented in a different way. The social community of https://www.stumbleupon.com will ‘favor’ your page as well, and you’ll get a double whammy. You can get lots of traffic starting at 5 cents a visit to your page. That’s cheap! But, not always targeted, so continue testing this. Don’t be discouraged if they turn down your page at first. Spend a little time looking at other pages as well, and install their toolbar.

Go to https://www.stumbleupon.com/ads/

STEP 3 – Watch it

Set up a free Google.com/alerts account, and watch what your competition is doing. You can set up daily email alerts that get sent right to you. Expand the search to your industry or marketplace at large, by entering company names, individuals and / or product names. Add variations like “free traffic”, “blogs”, and get ideas for what you can do as well. For example, you may discover that they use a simple strategy of publishing documents (PDF, PPT) to sites like slideshare and scribd with links back to their pages.

Now, use the research and materials you have to reveal what keywords they are using (and that you should too) by using the Google Keyword Tool. Enter their website, and see what keywords come back.

That’s it for now!

What do you think?


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