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how-to-get-more-clients-baby(The below is a transcript from the first 10 minutes of an hour long audio training CD – available for free – from Author, Speaker and Online Consultant Jon Rognerud)

This audio transcript shows you how to attract clients and new customers. A BABY could do this, so why don’t you? I’ve made it real easy for you…;-)


Hi. This is Jon, the founder of and author of Social Media Selling and The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization with Entrepreneur Press and McGraw Hill.

I am fired up that you’re here. This is the Social Media Client Attraction CD.

We’ve had a lot of requests for it. So I’m glad you received a copy there and listening to my voice today. By the way, stick around because I will tell you where you can get additional bonuses at the end. This is an audio program. It’s free. It’s chock full of information here and I hope this helps you on your social media journey to success.


Hi, and let me tell you a little bit about me here. I’ve been running online since 1996. I’ve been doing a lot of websites and development. I joined Twitter as a user in 2007 and I leverage social media for clients, different clients, Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and up. I built a search and social media company from scratch and I’m also in the entrepreneurial space.

This is what I do and if you’re in the brick and mortar space, if you’re in the corporation, if you’re an information marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur yourself, well hey, we’re talking the same game here and you realize too that 90 percent plus are already in social media out there. They’re watching. They’re listening. Your competitors are there too and so all of this is actually a timely CD for you to review and again as I said, very excited at you joining here today.

The Social Media Landscape.

Now next, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the social media landscape and it’s evolving. It’s constantly on the move as it were and what’s interesting here is there are a few rules or a few aspects that you need to look at to get success in social media whether you’re a small business, large business, anything in between.

If you haven’t started looking at this, you should. So here are some mental notes for you and if you’re sitting down, then take notes. You need to get visual. You see it all the time, right? But really in truth, photos and videos work tremendously well and they work extremely well because we have limited attention spans, right?

So this is a really smart idea for your business and to move forward with that using content and images, videos, photos. Absolutely brilliant! The second thing is you need to go mobile. Finally, you’ve heard this. This is the year of mobile but we’re here.

The smart phone devices are everywhere, right? And if you build out a mobile strategy and your social strategy, you will really have an edge up on the competition. That’s absolutely for sure and I will talk about this on the CD today so you will have more information.

Search engines and Social Media.

Another thing we deal with a lot here is search engines and search engine optimization and social is fantastic for link acquisition and building that trust and authority that you need.

Now combine that with keywords and essentially what consumers are searching for, you have a powerful combo there to leverage social media and search engines.

Also if you want to think about being different, well you’ve heard this before, right? But what I’m talking about here is a little bit different in the channel differentiation, so that you’re not simply just out there tweeting when all of your customers are really potentially on Facebook. You get my drift.

And also you want to make sure that you’re transparent. You see this out there. You see big logos, company names. It’s a faceless organization. This is basically what we call BS. They don’t understand that social media requires brand transparency.

Your Story.

So you need to have a story to tell. You need to make sure that your face is actually displayed and engaged at that human level. So that’s another very important aspect to look at here.

Also a little bit about the landscape here in terms of the actual platforms. The idea that you can go out there and network on Reddit or Quora or MySpace in the old days, Pinterest in the new days, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr. Of course Tumblr now the big news with Yahoo! acquisition, over a billion dollars for that.

Primary Social Domains.

Facebook, Google, Google+ and Twitter, they are really in the center. There are all these out liers and there’s of course as I said YouTube, a very strong contender in this social media space and in fact, it’s the second largest search engine on the planet after Google. It’s owned by Google. A video strategy can be an absolute powerhouse for your business.

But keep in mind there’s sort of this central hub where everybody frequents most of the time. And Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, you hear about these, right? But it doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to be there if you are a very image-based business.

Social Segmentation.

For instance, you can get tremendous leverage from Pinterest and I wanted to make sure that you understand that anybody who tells you that you need to get a Twitter account set up may be actually incredibly wrong. You may actually need to do what I recommend and that is the absolute research steps to make sure that you’re hitting the right targets.

Get Established + Research.

Now before I alienate anybody in the community that I love and share in, I should say that, “Yes, of course. You need to make sure you’re set up in the right communities, in the right platforms.” But what I’m telling you is that differentiation is not just by copying others and doing exactly what they’re doing. You need to do the research and that’s why you have this CD here today because I’m going to teach you how you do this.

So I’m excited to share with you because you will see what the differences are and what the insider secrets are for actually making a difference.

Quick Fixes? (No)

Now as we continue, I should let you know that there are a few things that this CD is not. The most important is actually this CD is not a quick fix for whatever is ailing you out there. If you need that, then you probably got the wrong CD. This is a comprehensive walk-through on how you can actually build out a solid platform for yourself. I like to use the house example.

Get The Blueprint.

If you’re building a house, you want to get the blueprint first. You want to talk to the architect that yeah, it’s cool to look at the cool new windows and the technology for the air conditioning and how the new flooring is going to look and work and all that good stuff, how it’s going to be implemented across the board and how the kids are going to love it, all of that stuff.

It’s really cool but you need to get the foundation right. If you don’t have it set up correctly on an incorrect slope or bad lighting or bad wind and all of the above, man that house is just going to fall down. I mention this because I want to make sure that you follow through the steps and make sure that you actually do these things to make sure you have success and an awesome house.

Malcolm (Gladwell) To The Rescue. (A framework)

Now as we think about the foundation here, let’s talk about an amazing, simply brilliant concept. It was written up by Malcolm Gladwell. He’s the author of The Tipping Point. You should get that book by the way but he talks about mavens, connectors, and salesmen. It’s a brilliant concept. It translates very well to social media as you think about building that foundation.

Maven is actually a Yiddish word. It means the one who accumulates knowledge and it’s like the data bank. They provide the message. Connectors, the second level up are the social glue. They spread it. Very important, right? But still the select group of people, the salesmen and women, then they are the ones that persuade us. They are critical to the tipping point of the word of mouth epidemic. This is critical and as you will see when you think about these components and as you reach out to the community and into the world, these are going to be very powerful concepts for you to leverage and to use.

So keep in mind that the three levels here that I’m talking about, the mavens, the connectors and salesmen, they’re actually independently powerful but it’s together that they actually create what he calls the tipping point. So you need to make sure that you think about how to use that for your organization in those three levels.

What Can You Do Now?

So here’s a small exercise for you. It’s really quick. This is not heavy duty here. Who are mavens right now in your organization? This could be you, if you’re a single solopreneur. Who are the connectors? Who are the salesmen? Think about who they are.

Now expand this out to find out a little bit more about who they are really in the extended network. A simple way to find out by the way is to do a little bit of research in Google. Do a little bit of research on Twitter. is a fantastic resource to start searching for keywords, start searching for names, finding out blogs. Blogs is a great resource for you as you will see here and you can go to Start typing in keywords. Start typing in phrases and names and start looking at patterns emerging across those two platforms.

An example of this is one company that I worked with, they had connectors and salesmen and they were a larger organization. But amazingly enough, this happens by the way a lot. They were not mavens in the sense that they didn’t have a lot of content. They didn’t have that kind of data bank that I talked about.

So what they did is they went out there, did the research, found out who they were, started impacting their connections and really creating content that they were looking for. So they hired writers. They hired consultants to actually build out a base, a strong base of content and data that they could actually share on top of what they already have and it became very successful for them over time.


Social Media and Content Data Banks.

But what’s also interesting about that company is it took a very long time to have management actually see the light about that data bank, that piece of content that is so foundational and so important.



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Entrepreneur Magazine says Jon Rognerud is one of the most sought-after Digital Marketing Experts. His clients extend from high-end brands and middle-tier businesses in both B2B and B2C. His SEO website optimization book, "The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website" from Entrepreneur Press is in bookstores now. Act fast, to get his free Facebook Ad Template checklist here.

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INTERESTED in working with me on your Facebook Ads Business Acceleration? Sign up for a FREE breakthrough session! Learn More About Our Online Sessions. === Entrepreneur Magazine says Jon Rognerud is one of the most sought-after Digital Marketing Experts. His clients extend from high-end brands and middle-tier businesses in both B2B and B2C. His SEO website optimization book, "The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website" from Entrepreneur Press is in bookstores now. Act fast, to get his free Facebook Ad Template checklist here.