Being a freelancer or a small business owner is enthralling, yet there is an underlying challenge which cannot be ignored:

Creating Revenue!

Building a growing money stream is not just about ranking one’s website pages for relevant keywords and hoping this alone will lead to quality results.

Any business model where the goal is to become profitable long term, requires a steady incoming line of high-quality clients and a proven process to support the business.

Without great clients and continual improvements of the marketing and sales funnels, the effort being put into ranking and marketing will go to waste.

Here are 8 tips which will assist in helping to get the highest quality clients from local search marketing.

#1: Tap into Specific Local Keywords

Let’s imagine you are a web designer and you’re looking for a new client-getting strategy in your local market.

Building a great looking website is a wonderful starting point, but it is not enough. You are not going to be the only web designer in town. There will be countless ready-to-go opportunities for your potential clients to consider.

Outside of having a professional website, your work begins by targeting specific keywords in your region.

An example would be “web design in X town/city” and optimizing the page for this keyword. Whenever someone searches that specific search string, your page(s) will show up on the first / top page in Google or Bing.

You need to add multiple variations of keywords into your page. Combine this with compelling copy that positions you as the leading authority, with a unique offer and a call-to-action. You will create several pages to target unique keywords.

The reason this is necessary has to do with the general approach clients will take when searching for you.

They will hop onto their desktop or mobile device and begin to sift through all of the search results to see who best suits their needs.

They won’t have any prior considerations in mind and will base their decision on whoever shows up on the 1st page of results and that “speaks” to them.

These are your perfect candidates.

Tip: Use the free Google Keyword Planner tool. Begin by entering a few of your main keywords. Make sure to select the “Targeting” (locations) to get keyword ideas, monthly searches, competitive metrics and more for your local area. Get them placed into your title tag, headers and body content.

#2: Notice Movement in Search Results

This is a fascinating trick that can be used to gauge the market.

What is the idea behind tracking movement in search results?

Let’s assume you are running a local SEO business and want to see which clients will be best suited for your services.

  1. Their site should be on the 2nd page in the rankings for main keywords
  2. The site should be depreciating

Has it gone up or gone down? This can showcase which clients should be targeted with an SEO service to help bolster their results.

You could even show their poor listing when aiming to convert the prospective client.

What if you are not running an SEO business?

The same applies to you in the web designer example. You’ll notice poor ranking websites that might need better web designs, development, content, or anything else associated with running a site.

The Google search algorithm changes often. User experience and engagement on web pages from a search query is becoming more and more important. Think about this when tracking potential clients in the SERPs.

Finally, it is how you shape the message being shown to these prospects that will attract and begin to move them closer to a sale.


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